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    Juniors with sunburst finish done in "reverse order"? (or Melody Makers...)

    I saw an old thread where TW had posted this photo - so, photo credit goes to him! To me - and I think TW agrees - it appears that the sunburst on this guitar was done in "reverse order." The yellow was added over the top of the dark base. I think this is why the center yellow portion looks...
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    Did heads of P90 adjustable polepieces change shape or size throughout the 50s?

    Were the heads of the adjustable polepieces all exactly the same shape and size, from 52 through 60?
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    A case study in 52 goldtop P90s - photos, and questions

    I just got this old set of 52 P90s from a conversion: This is a matching set, both from the same guitar: The cream covers are extremely thin, and incredibly snug-fitting: The baseplates are definitely a different metal than any other 50s P90s that I have owned and had in my hands...
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    new to me: wooden spacers/shims inside a '50s goldtop P90 pickup?

    I just got a set of 53 goldtop P90s in a trade. And this is what I saw: More photos of the pickups here if you are curious: http://s1226.photobucket.com/user/vonprikler/library/53P90s I found this old thread on the wood spacers/shims subject...
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    Least popular/collectable Gibson guitar year for the vintage market between 1952-69?

    What would be your vote (which year between 1952 and 1969) and why?
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    Price check on 1966 small-guard SG Standard -- seeking some help

    What do you guys think would be a fair value for this one? Thanks in advance! http://m.ebay.com/itm/1965-1966-Gibson-SG-Standard-/281765134480?nav=SEARCH
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    Stumbled across these photos of a '66 SG Standard... thought I was hallucinating

    Nevermind LOL - false alarm - it was obviously photos of two totally different guitars mixed together!
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    Your opinion: comparing a '50s (SC) LP Special vs a '60s small guard SG Standard?

    I know this is the '50s Les Paul section, and I think this is the proper place for this thread :dude: How would you compare and contrast the merits of a single cutaway '50s Les Paul Special, vs. a '60s small guard SG Standard? They are relatively comparable in price these days... which is one...
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    Was the '66+ SG long-heel neck-join design an "improvement" compared to prior years?

    Was the '66+ SG long-heel neck-join design an "improvement" compared to prior years? Seems like the long-heel design began in 1966 (possibly very late '65?, at the earliest). I know the long-heel design was tweaked again a couple of years after that... but even at that point, it was still a...
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    Impressed serial numbers on the heels of '50s Les Pauls?

    I've seen this now a few times on '50s Les Pauls. Check these out. What is the significance of an impressed serial number into the heel? Hendrix's '50s Les Paul Custom: Another '50s Les Paul Custom: A '50s Les Paul Junior:
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    '50s LP Special: just a Junior with two pickups, or something more? Your opinion...

    Ok I'll admit. I'm totally fascinated with Specials. I've owned quite a few over the years - mostly what you would call player-grade examples, but some really nice, original ones as well. Right now I own just one - a late 57 or very early 58 (singlecut) with stripped finish but all original...
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    Are 52-53 goldtops criminally undervalued?

    Full disclosure: I own a '52. And I have owned a few other 52-53s in my lifetime. But I would say owning a single '52 is hardly trying to corner the market, or pump the price of 52-53s... :) But I can't help scratching my head: .... When - if ever - will people truly realize about these guitars?
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    This should be an interesting test for the current market price of a '50s SC Special

    I'll be watching this one out of pure curiosity. I find it is pretty rare to see a true auction for one of these go down, as opposed to asking prices and buy-it-now type offerings. http://www.ebay.com/itm/361253478810?redirect=mobile My guess is it won't go anywhere close to what some people...
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    Black tape used around jack wire inside control cavity? '50s Specials? Others?

    I've got an early '58 Special and it had black tape around the wire to the jack, visible inside the control cavity: My initial thinking was that the black tape on my guitar had been added later (was not original from the factory), but then I saw this photo of Mike Slub's '57 Special that he...
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    If you honestly think that dress looks white and gold...

    Can you please just let us know in this thread? ...because we should really know this about you, before we trust anything you say, see, feel, or believe on this forum, going forward ;)