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    What's on TV? Show your TVs.

    Here's mine
  2. DSCN2115.JPG


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    WTB Tom Holmes Humbuckers

    Looking for a set of Tom Holmes pickups, preferably 455/450 unpotted Let me know what you got pppxray@aol.com
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    FS JBL D120 and K120 original cones

    FS JBL D120 speakers two gray back, one orange back all 8 ohms all with original 21032 cones Also one K120, 8ohm, original 21032 cone. I have A/B's this speaker extensively with the D120's and it sounds identical to the D120's ---I cannot tell them apart $250 apiece shipped/paypaled for the...
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    FS Gibson CS 70's Flying V White

    FS Gibson CS 70's flying V in Classic White. Made for the Japanese market only. I was able to get one sent to the US by a forum member. Lightweight, aprox 6.5 lbs all original, a great rock guitar. Super 74 pickups. All case candy and COA included. $2600 shipped/paypaled in CONUS only, no trades...
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    FS Vintage Jr. Parts

    FS vintage tortoise shell guard from a double cut away jr. will fit a historic jr as well. $200 shipped/paypaled also vintage dogear P90 w/original cover 8.5K long lead $200 shipped/paypal, no trades. pppxray@aol.com <a...
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    FS Zhangbucker Handwound Pagey 2 set

    FS Zhangbucker Handwound Pagey 2 set. Never used/installed. Double Black bobbins. Neck A3 mag 7.5K Bridge A5 8.8K no covers $250 shipped/paypaled CONUS only no trades pppxray@aol.com
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    FS Orange Custom Shop Retro 50

    Orange Custom Shop Retro 50 for sale. Extremely good condition, with just a few minor scuffs. This is a Custom Shop handwired 50 watt head with a very useable master vol. Great clean, vintage and classic rock tones. Here's a clip from youtube (not my amp), but is representative of the tones you...
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    Heads up Firebird and SG players

    No pun intended but found this recently http://www.headsupstrap.com/ I have no affiliation with the manufacturer, but I thought it was kinda interesting. Anybody have any experience with the product ?
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    Pickup Sale: T-Tops, Voodoo, Duncan

    Mid 70's Gibson T-tops with stamped patent number and unattached original chrome covers. 7.7K bridge 7.33K neck $250 Voodoo ' 57's aged covers, bridge 8.2K, neck 7.63k $150 Voodoo ' 59 double cream bobbins, unattached aged covers bridge 8.55K, neck 7.93K $150 Duncan Antiquity Neck Humbucker...
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    Orange Retro 50 for sale

    Handwired 50 watt amp from the Orange custom shop. Master vol. 30watt class A 50watt class A/B switch. Foot switchable boost. $1800 shipped/paypaled, no trades, email for pics.
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    Ok,its been awhile. Anybody have a tone report on these things ?
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    Cap Question

    Will old guitar caps i.e. Bumble Bees tend to drift higher or lower in value with age ?