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Recent content by young angus

  1. young angus

    I posted a track for the inauguration day: No Arguments Valid

    It´s from GuitCussion´s CD Exit Wonderland. I play my old Les Paul-SG -61(< see avatar), and the other guitarist use an Ovation Breadwinner and sounds like a synth. No Arguments Valid: http://fandalism.com/stefanthorpenberg/ed4k
  2. young angus

    A new track with my old Les Paul SG 1961

    My band GuitCussion recorded a new CD recently - called Exit Wonderland - and this track was supposed to fit in, but finally it was not included in the new CD. But here it is anyway: two guitarists and two drummers. I play my old LPSG 1961 into my old Blues Deville...
  3. young angus

    GuitCussion is a very intense group (clip where I play my Les Paul-SG 1961)

    It´s the title track Blue Congo from GuitCussion´s new CD "Blue Congo". And yes, I play my old Les Paul-SG 1961. This should be played VERY LOUD: http://fandalism.com/stefanthorpenberg/dsoh
  4. young angus

    Here´s a track from GuitCussion´s new CD, where I play my old Les Paul-SG 1961

    The CD is called "Blue Congo", and it´s all improvised music. Two guitarists and two drummers. The other guitarist plays a custom made double-neck (non-fretted/fretted) into 2 digital units, and sounds like a sitar in the beginning. Then he makes all the background. I play my LPSG -61 (< see...
  5. young angus

    I made a looong solo with my Les Paul -61

    We recorded in the studio: two drummers, two guitarists. The other guitarist started with sitar and made the background. I played my old Les Paul-SG 1961 through my old Blues Deville - an Indian inspired solo that was 10 minutes long. :( Use earphones and high volume: what says you? Phoksundo...
  6. young angus

    New CD with GuitCussion, where I play my old Les Paul-SG 1961

    GuitCussion is my new band. It´s a freeform group with two guitarists and two drummer. The other guitarist plays a custom made doubleneck (fretless/fretted) through two digital units. I play my Les Paul-SG through my old Fender Blues Deville. Below is a excerpt from 4 improvised "tunes" from the...
  7. young angus

    New sound-clip with old Les Paul-SG 1961

    It´s actually my new band called GuitCussion, since it has two guitarists and two drummers. That´s the whole band. We rehearsed last weekend for two days for a coming CD, and we recorded the rehearsals to hear how we sounded. And here´s a clip where we improvise in a quite funny way. The two...
  8. young angus

    I made a short clip with my Les Paul-SG 1961

    Nothing serious. Just to show how it sounds with full dist, and I used a AMT California Sound through my Fender Blues Deville. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6Oe6TsE_pA
  9. young angus

    The Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion is a great instrument - live clip proof inside

    It´s a live clip with my freejazz group Das Mädchen. It´s all improvised, and starts very introvert with a trio on guitar, bass and drums. But then the hornblowers comes in and it´s total chaos for some minutes. Suddenly it goes over to gospel, and it ends with me duelling with the hornblowers...
  10. young angus

    Here a live-clip with me playing a Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion

    Somewhat jazzy, at a freejazz festival in Sweden recently. It´s a duo with the drummer Peeter Uuskyla, who has been playing and recorded with Cecil Taylor and Peter Brötzmann - among others. I play a Howard Roberts trough the tweed Fender Blues Blues Deville, which can be seen behind me in the...
  11. young angus

    A new track from my band where I play a Howard Roberts Fusion

    The bass player plays an acoustic stand up bass. The drummer has been playing with the freejazz legends Peter Brötzmann and Cecil Taylor. I still say it´s Modern European jazz, rather than freejazz. Headphones are necessary... http://soundcloud.com/wilmerthewhite/czesniki
  12. young angus

    Wanna hear a freejazz-clip with my Les Paul-SG 1961?

    If so, here´s one. It´s my band Das Mädchen, with guitar/bass/drums, a saxplayer and one guy on trombone. The bassplayer has been a pro-musician for 35 years. The drummer is interesting; he has played and recorded with Peter Brötzmann and been touring with Cecil Taylor. He has a strange...