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    Thank you John E., Michael Z., Jeff G., Timothy Joseph H., Dean S.!

    Thank you for all your hard work keeping this place around!!
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    Vintage "Gibson" case badge questions

    Hey all, A few question about vintage Gibson case badges. Does anyone know the length of the nails for the vintage les Paul case nails? Are they brass? Does anyone make repros nails? Thanks for any help :2zone, Zoomer
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    Beautiful Burst at Rumbleseat!!

    Beautiful top and color and double white !!! Me wants it my precious http://rumbleseatmusic.com/electrics/ :2zone Zoomer
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    Bloomfields Les Paul

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has any clear shot's of Bloomfield's Les Paul - I find a lot of off angle shots but none that are very clear. Thanks for any help, Zoomer
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    Great article examination of Kossoff's Burst

    Hey all, I stumbled on a great article that goes through Kossoff's Burst Thought it was cool - what do you think? http://www.guitar-bass.net/vintage/paul-right-now-paul-kossoffs-1959-gibson-les-paul-up-close/ :yah Zoomer
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    NGD: Taylor Jumbo

    After going through a bunch of Gibson Jumbos, a Dove and a Hummingbird - I stumbled on this Taylor it plays like a dream and has the tone of Sweet Marie - looks pretty hot too - ordered new chrome Schallers with Pearl buttons I think the gold tuners clash with the blue.
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    Truss rod cover location on Bursts

    Hey all, Im looking through beauty of the burst and it appears that the truss rod cover is right on top of the nut on some guitars including Pearly Gates, did it's location vary from guitar to guitar ? Zoomer
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    CC#35 Gruhn Burst Pictures Photos

    Hey All, Does anyone have close up pics of the guitar and aging that was done on the top, back and sides of the body and neck and headstock on the CC#35. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!! Thanks Zoomer
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    Road warrior backs and necks

    Hey all, We spend so much time looking at the front of our Paul's I though it'd be cool to show off the backs of beaten/well played guitars - real relics. Here's the back of my 1954/57 conversion aka Runt which has been played to death with lots of wear and checking earned the old fashioned...
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    Finally ordered a replica.

    Hey all, Find decided to take the plunge and order a replica I'll be posting pictures to the process . I'm trying to go for the Gruhn burst look color. I just have to decide on the degree of aging I want. Here's the top I selected : Pretty psyched!! Zoomer
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    Great explanation of True Historics vs. Regular Historics with comparison pictures

    Hey All Found this comparison with pictures on the Music Zoo site - thought is was a great info !! https://www.themusiczoo.com/blogs/news/the-gibson-59-true-historic-les-paul-comparison :dude: Zoomer
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    Plastic Surgery on my Conversion

    Hey all, Located almost all original black plastic ( except pick guard ) and put them on my Goldie. Before: After: Zoomer
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    Historic Jimmy Page Double Neck Values

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has any info on the value of the JP VOS model doublenecks - the VINTAGE GUITAR value book does not list a value for this model. I checked ebay none have sold. I looked on Gbase only the signed ones are for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Zoomer
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    Merry Christmas !!

    Just wanted to wish you all a very HISTORIC Merry Christmas from my Historics to yours !!!
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    What's left to correct on Historics

    Hey all, Seeing that Gibson has finally removed the truss rod condom and is now using hot hide glue for the neck joint - what's left to fix to make an exact replica ?? I am sure Brazilian will never be an option - ever - so that is one that they won't ever get right. The can only see these...