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Recent content by zosolp

  1. zosolp

    is this a good buy

    I was thinking of buying a new amp, how does this one look...
  2. zosolp

    Clapton Interview from 1967

    I dont know if anyone has seen this before but its pretty neat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHoU3w-IVL8&feature=related
  3. zosolp

    Les Paul documentary

    I have heard news that the documentary will be out next year in celebration of the 50th anniversary
  4. zosolp

    angus young, sg question

    Does angus young have a no.1 sg
  5. zosolp

    anyone realize?

    That the most valued les paul (Jimmy Pages no.1) and most likely the most valued guitar has every major issue that devalues the guitar it has: grovers possible refinish shaved neck only one PAF (the other pup is only assumed to be the orginal) changed jack plate bridge change re fret...
  6. zosolp

    before and after of famous burst's

    maybe my ideas are crazy but i thought it would be cool to start a thread of before and after pictures of famous bursts heres pages no 1 to start off with before after http://photobucket.com/albums/y117/ledzeppelinorg1/multimedia/photoarchive/tours/1988_Atlantics_40th/images/DZ005029.jpg
  7. zosolp

    blues breaker tone?

    can any of you with blues breakers get the beano tone?
  8. zosolp

    jimmy pages no1 question

    on the horn of number 1 there are a lot of tiny and close together markings, what would cause these?
  9. zosolp

    another random clapton question

    has anyone here seen clapton when he was with the the blues breakers or when he had the beano burst? I am interested to how it sounded compared to the studio versions.
  10. zosolp


    hey, so my friend wants to get a les paul (hes a fender guy) but doesnt want to spend a few grand on a les paul so i told him about the studios, which he seemed to like but, before i start to shell out wrong information i just want to make sure that i am right, the only thing different from a...
  11. zosolp


    can someone please tell me what the S and the G stand for
  12. zosolp


    alright so i have always been a fan of the weight and looks of grovers and i have thought of doing this for a while but my kluson's hardly ever go out of tune so what do you think. grover or not to grover :hmm
  13. zosolp

    flying V g2

    anyone got one, or know any information about them? i know some one whose got one
  14. zosolp

    Help finding this picture in a larger size

    http://www.burstserial.com/gallery/main.php?cmd=imageview&var1=No+Serial+Number%2F%2A+Eric+Clapton+%2A%2Fclapton-03.jpg&var2=2 its the top right picture of the four smaller ones. Its Eric Clapton with the bluesbreakers but i have yet to see a larger version of that particular picture
  15. zosolp


    how does page hold the sustain around 3:13 http://youtube.com/watch?v=f3fE5SvUFuM