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  1. ZZ Not

    Need some SG advice.

    Yes, dealing with a store that can fulfill your needs in terms of a setup that works for you can make a mediocre playing guitar into a great one. Then get the Dan Erlewine book "How To Make Your Electric Guitar Great!" or watch some related You Tube videos and learn how to do it for yourself...
  2. ZZ Not

    We’re back!

    I never doubted you would be back. Can't keep a good thing down.
  3. ZZ Not

    PureSalem Tom Cat Guitar!

    BK. I wonder if yours is perhaps a obeche fingerboard. I had a 2011 LP Junior with a obechec fretboard that also looked and felt like ebony.
  4. ZZ Not

    NGD (almost)..

    That is beautiful. Congrats! I still have mine and it's a favorite.
  5. ZZ Not

    New Guitar Day!

    Wow! :love: That's a good'un. Congratulations and welcome to the forum! That's the way to make an entrance.
  6. ZZ Not


    Well, trying to cover all my bases, I now have 5 Esquires. The one in the photos is a CME exclusive, as is a'50s CV in Butterscotch Blonde with a black guard. I also have the "regular" '50s CV in Vintage white. These 3 are all pretty much the same with mostly cosmetic differences, although the...
  7. ZZ Not


    HNGD! That is a very sharp looking Strat. I have always had a Squier or two around but the Classic Vibe series really took it to another level for me. As you mentioned, it is the bang for the buck with that degree of quality. In the last year or so it has become more like a disease for me and...
  8. ZZ Not

    New protector cases

    Wasn't sure where to put this so I thought I would try here. Mods, please feel free to move this thread to a better location. I saw these on the Gibson site and was wondering if anyone has tried them and how they compare with the old Gen1 and Gen2 cases...
  9. ZZ Not

    NGD 2021 R9 Lemonburst VOS - PICS ADDED!!!

    I say leave the pickguard off. That top is too beautiful to hide any of the figure. Congratulations on a gorgeous guitar!
  10. ZZ Not

    Vintage Case Advice Needed

    I am a little bit of a case nut (some would say just a nutcase) but I have found a lot of good info via the Facebook group Vintage Musical Instrument Cases. You may want to give them a shout.
  11. ZZ Not

    '58 CME Les Paul CS Reissue - '59 Carmelita specs

    That looks great ! I like everything about it and I especially like the dark fingerboard. Congratulations, enjoy it.
  12. ZZ Not

    CS-356 last year for ebony?

    I have been looking at CS-356 photos and can't determine if a particular guitar has ebony or Richlite board. It is a '06 and I thought they had ebony up to '07. Problem is I can't discern any grain in the fretboard but it just may be the pic. Does anyone know for certain when they stopped...
  13. ZZ Not

    RIP Jim Marshall

    He changed the world of Rock n' Roll. RIP https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/music/jim-marshall-maker-of-rock-and-roll-guitar-amplifiers-dies-at-88/2012/04/05/gIQA9TCOyS_story.html?utm_term=.980e81a0bdcc
  14. ZZ Not

    RIP Larry Coryell

    Sad to hear of the passing of one of the most progressive players to ever walk the planet. http://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2017/02/20/516245069/guitarist-larry-coryell-godfather-of-fusion-dies-at-73
  15. ZZ Not

    RIP Scotty Moore

    Was just listening to his licks on Hound Dog yesterday. Rest easy, Scotty. http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/obituaries/musical-icon-elvis-guitarist-scotty-moore-dies-365c85ed-0ecb-5a13-e053-0100007f186c-384774031.html