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  1. Sérgio

    Restoration and collectibility

    I'm a player, not a collector by any chance. However, reading some of the threads in here got me curious. Say you find a guitar that's like 40 or 50 years old. It's in fine shape, but some previous owner has messed around with the wiring and pickups, and the guitar ended up with a brand new...
  2. Sérgio

    Do you think guitar music will ever be great like it was from 1954 to 1979?

    Self explanatory title, but let's get a little bit more into this. Of course, we still have some great blues-influenced guitar heroes, like Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jared James Nichols, Art Menezes, Joe Bonamassa and a handful of others. But I mean - no offense at all to contemporary artists - I...
  3. Sérgio

    Monty Python by Mick Jagger

    The best of it is Charlie's face
  4. Sérgio

    The Dog Thread

    I'm a dog man. And this guy has been my friend for the last 11 years. Show your pups.
  5. Sérgio

    The Fender Forum's Lounge

    So, since it seems that the TFF bunch will eventually hang out here, I propose a permanent thread for the group... Check in!
  6. Sérgio

    What have you bought guitar-related in the last 48 hours?

    We buy all sorts of interesting (and uninteresting too) gear and accessories all the time... It's fun to share. Me, it was 6 fresh sets of D'Addario 10ers and two phosphor-bronze 12ers for my Washburn acoustic.
  7. Sérgio

    Who’s got (and kept) COVID hair?

    Me, I grew my 70s style mane longer and kept it. Anyone else letting their freak flag fly?
  8. Sérgio

    Mold on tweed amp.

    Hello, friends. It’s the rainy, cold season here in my neck of the woods, and I’m facing a very irritating problem. My tweed amp is getting covered on green mold. Nothing else in the man cave is, not even the tweed cases or other tolex covered amps. I tried exposing the amp to direct...
  9. Sérgio


    I once saw a very cool picture that a forum user took of Clapton's Delaney & Bonnie album on a vintage amp. i can't recall which thread it was posted to, but I'd really like to see that picture again. Does anyone remember it?
  10. Sérgio

    Vintage or just old guitars: Pots/Caps

    I was wondering: does restoring a vintage or just old guitar with new pots and/or cap devalue it in any way?
  11. Sérgio

    Fret buzz

    Just outta curiosity, do your guitars have any level of fret buzz? I mean, when properly set up, do they buzz acoustically, even though the amp doesn't show it? My guitars are often set up by techs and my strats do buzz unplugged (and it's no issue to me, electric guitars are meant to be...
  12. Sérgio


    I'm definitely considering learning how to ride a bike and buying one. I like the culture and I think a motorcycle would be a pretty nice partner for the years to come. However, I am realistic enough to know that I am not a young man anymore, and learning how to ride in my early 40s will not...
  13. Sérgio

    NGD - Rickenbacker

    So, I finally traded my SG for a sweet Rickenbacker 620 in Mapleglo. I really like it. Plays like butter (fastest neck I've ever tried on a 'old school' guitar) and fits my needs perfectly, tonewise. Oh, and it looks cool as hell with that cresting wave upper horn :jim:salude
  14. Sérgio

    Vintage tele finishes

    I’m trying to find out if Back in the late 50s and throughout the 60s Fender made natural finish ash body telecasters... Or was this Color only available from the 70s on? Sources? thanks in advance!
  15. Sérgio

    Strictly from a player's perspective...

    Hello, everyone... I think this forum is probably the best one to place this question. First of all, I am not questioning concepts or trying to cause any flaming, much less say that the old instruments aren't what people praise them for. I am only asking a question because I don't know the...
  16. Sérgio

    Tru Oil over Faded Finish

    So, I am going to give my faded 1961RI SG a glossy feel by applying a few coats of tru oil on it. I am not gonna do this without learning more, of course, so a few first doubts: - should I sand the guitar gently before I start applying the oil coats or do I just do it as it is? - What should...
  17. Sérgio


    So, some of you probably owned/played Suhr guitars at some point. It is somewhat common to see people in guitar forums saying that they're usually better guitars than, say, the top notch Fenders. I played a couple of Suhrs myself and though they were undeniably very good, playable and...
  18. Sérgio

    Opinions on my 61 Reissue SG

    So, I would like to hear what you think about something that kinda annoys me. I buy my guitars the old way, I need a particular guitar, like a strat or a les paul, I go to the music shop and see what's available. That's how I bought my Am Std Stratocaster. I was as the shop, the guitar was...
  19. Sérgio

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    I just read a thread about this in another forum and some of the replies/stories were really, really interesting :hmm So, have you ever seen anything that you believe was supernatural or even alien?
  20. Sérgio

    About stripping guitars

    I often see old guitars that have been stripped off their finishes at some point and were played that way. Also, artists like John Lennon kind of made a point of stripping their guitars and leaving the wood naked and unfilled, or just stained. So, was it some sort of "trend" back in the 60s and...