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  1. sws1

    Murphy Lab Les Paul; The Big review !

    Few thoughts to parse this: - I don't care what Gibson does, or any other replica maker for that matter...they are not original bursts and will never be the same. You can make a perfect fake of an old painting...but it's still a fake. Period. - They can still make a great guitar and I've...
  2. sws1

    Current VOS treatment?

    I have a VOS Murphy Lab 335 (UL aged). It's like a brand new finish, but with some checking. If I had to be picky, perhaps the finish isn't buffed to perfection, but it definitely doesn't have any junk on it.
  3. sws1

    "1956" Les Paul Burst eBay Identify

    I can't see any Look in the corners of those cavities. (Far right corner of bridge cavity. Far left and right corner of neck cavity.) Looks like there are extra wood pieces and strange routes.
  4. sws1

    NGD - Murphy Lab ES335

    I had a 63 until recently. And I have a friend with many dots and block necks from the 50s and early 60s. The Throbaks made it far closer to vintage. There is a still a "new guitar" feel to the new ones. I'm a firm believer that when a semi-hollow gets 60 years of vibration on it, it...
  5. sws1

    NGD - Murphy Lab ES335

    Lightly aged '59 ES335. Incredibly well made. Probably the best fit/finish of any Gibson I've ever bought, with the best pots I've ever seen this side of vintage. I did swap out the pickups pretty quickly for Throbaks, because I wanted a more vintage sound, and the stock ones were far too...
  6. sws1

    1959 L.P. Special Dilema

    JW Restoration? Isn't he in SoCal?
  7. sws1

    Current VOS treatment?

    I have a murphy-lab, ultra light aged 335, which claims to be VOS, but it actuality, it looks like Gloss, but with some checking in it. No gunk whatsoever.
  8. sws1

    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    It's a useful as an anonymous post on a guitar forum from someone who just appeared. ;) I'm teasing. You sound like you know have some important knowledge. Everyone's excited to see how this plays out. EDIT: Thanks for the private message. I figured you might now a thing or three. ;)
  9. sws1

    Anyone have picks of 50's LP custom pickguard

    The shape of the pickup cutouts are too square in the corners.
  10. sws1

    Anyone have picks of 50's LP custom pickguard

    From your pics, it's quite likely not a 50s 2 pup pick guard.
  11. sws1

    A small gathering

    Nice pictures
  12. sws1

    Relation of Weight to Tone on Vintage LP?

    Pretty sure Joe isn't close to the top of that list. Unless you mean, all at the same time.
  13. sws1

    Gibson Custom Shop | Introducing the Murphy Lab

    The market has proven that Tom Murphy aged guitars sell, and for higher money. So Gibson is making more of them.
  14. sws1

    Gibson Custom Shop | Introducing the Murphy Lab

    You need to take an economics class. A marketing class would also help. Do you think Air Jordans cost 10x the amount to construct them than a cheap pair of Nikes? Do you think luxury cars cost of development is proportionally the same as cheaper cars? etc. What do these luxury products have...
  15. sws1

    What year did they start getting 'the dish' right?

    If they matched Carmelita, then Carmelita has a fairly flat carve relative to many other bursts and gold tops. Better than they used to be, but I still think they can get better.
  16. sws1

    Gibson Custom Shop | Introducing the Murphy Lab

    It's more expensive for the same reason histories are 5k more expensive than USA les pauls.
  17. sws1

    1957 Les Paul Goldtop with 1960 Fender brown face Super

    Even some late 57s too (or at least one). I've seen a very high s/n P90 57...owned by a big collector
  18. sws1

    rarity of the stinger

    It doesn't have a s/n. https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/burst-pic-of-the-week-59-stinger-burst-employee-guitar.110147/ More pics: http://www.burstserial.com/index.php?/category/1441
  19. sws1

    Nugent's TWO bursts up for auction

    "HIS" being the operative word.