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    A small gathering

    I didn't ask the owner (the gold back and the LPC aren't mine), but it could have had a Bigsby fitted I guess. I'll ask him:)
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    A small gathering

    I’m not a fan of the three pup LPC either, but there’s no denying that it sounded awesome. We fooled around with an old Deluxe Reverb and a couple of tweeds (53 princeton and a 58 champ), and left my Klon on for the day😂
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    A small gathering

    I have mostly old Fenders, at the moment I tend to use a 65 Deluxe Reverb and a 58 tweed champ a lot. Sounds amazing👍👍
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    A small gathering

    So a couple of days ago I got a visit from a friend who brought along a few gems, amongst them a 1959 Custom and a loooooovely 1954 Goldtop. I’m still waiting for a 1955 LPC that I bought a few months back (due to COVID travel restrictions), so getting some time with an old Custom was great fun...
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    1956 Les Paul Special

    Beautiful pictures of a killer guitar - congrats! There‘s a 55’ for sale locally here, these pictures do not exactly make me GAS less...
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    NGD | 1958 Les Paul Jr

    A little belated NGD - this gem arrived just in time for xmas. I am a big fan of DC Juniors and Specials, and I have had this one on the radar for quite some time. I actually went to check it out early last year, but the seller also had a 54 Goldtop that he was thinking about selling so that one...
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    70s EDS-1275 - thoughts?

    The EDS-1275 has always been my weak spot (or, more correctly, one of maaaany), and I've come across a 1974 that looks pretty good here locally. Replaced tuners on the six string, otherwise all there. The mid 70s aren't exactly the golden era of Gibson, but as far as I can tell the EDS was only...
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    New Turd Day - 1961 LP SG

    Asked some questions on this guitar in another thread, but the seller agreed on a very reasonable price and I am now the caretaker of one beautiful and awesome turd:). It’s a rather early ‘61 and has Throbaks and Grovers, as well as the Original case. Aged Klusons from Crazyparts are already in...
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    Opinions on 1961 LP, help wanted:)

    So there’s a really cool looking but totally mauled 1961 LP SG for sale locally. Neck and heel both cracked, PAFs gone and replaced with Throbaks, grovers and callaham bridge/tp fitted. Rest of electronics are claimed to be original. Seller is asking nearly 9K (!!) which to me seems completely...
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    NGD - 1954 LP standard

    I’ve spent the last 6 months or so looking for a goldtop, and out of the blue I came across a fantastic ‘54 a few minutes away from home. There are very few old LPs where I live, so finding one in my back yard was a big surprise. It ticked all my boxes; wraptail, original, and a good player...
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    Current state of the market?

    Hi guys. I am about to pull the trigger on a fantastic 1955 goldtop, but I was wondering if anyone had some useful insight on the current market. Hopefully this guitar will stay with me until I leave this world, and I am buying it to play and enjoy. Not seeing it as an investment per se, but...
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    PAFs on a 1964 ES-175?

    A few months ago I bought a loooovely ‘64 ES-175. My luthier finished a refret on it yesterday, and I asked him to check the pickups as I was curious. Turns out it has PAFs, which I thought were replaced by Pat Nos around 1962. Serial clearly indicates a 1964 guitar. Pot dates were not checked...
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    NGD - Gibson Explorer CS 1958 M2M

    So I was at local(ish) dealer here a few months back to test drive a lovely 1956 LPC, and as I left I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be beat up old Explorer. I asked about it, and it turned out that the store owner had ordered a customized 1958 Explorer from Gibson's Made 2 measure...
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    NGD - CC#34 Blackburst

    In 2015 when Gibson released the CC Blackburst I had a moment in the trouser area that simply would not go away, so I felt I had no choice but to run down to my dealer and order one. They actually got it to store shortly after, and I was blown away by the guitar. It did, unfortunately, come with...
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    Strange color R7 fretboard

    So I've got this lovely 2000 R7 Blacktop Darkback that I really like, but the color of the fretboard is unusually light and red'ish in color. Last time I had her at my local luthier he tried his usual "secret recipe" for darkening fretboards, and the stuff just did not work. It's almost as the...
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    NGD - '16 ES-335 1958 VOS

    So after looking for a blonde 335 for quite a while I finally caved in yesterday and brought home this beauty. It's a 2016 Memphis 1958 ES-335 Blonde VOS that's been hanging around at my local dealer since new - can't believe this thing has never sold... I've played it a couple of times before...
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    NGD - '58 Danelectro U2

    So this little thing was listed nearby recently, and despite having 20+ year old strings and completely neglected I was intrigued and thought this could be something. Brought her home, changed strings and cleaned it - and turns out I was right. Plays and sounds wonderful. The seller listed it as...
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    Half-old 335 or CS 335?

    Hi guys! I'm having serious withdrawal issues after selling my 335, and have narrowed it down to either a CS '58 VOS or a 1983 dot reissue, both in natural. I have to have a natural finish (it's in fact keeping me awake at night just thinking about it...), and these two are what I believe to be...
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    NGD - CC#4 Sandy

    So this pretty thing arrived yesterday. CC#4 with an amazingly beatiful top - plays, looks, feels and behaves fantastic. I started another thread a while back asking for tips on pickup covers, but it took me about 3 seconds to realize that she is pretty darn perfect as is. I've had quite a few...
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    NGD - '77 Super 400

    So I pulled the trigger on this beauty a month ago and thought I'd share. It's a 1977 Super 400 with some issues - it's been damaged near the tone/volume knobs, and has a longitudinal crack down the back. Both happened in the early 80s and were professionaly repaired, and the guitar is...