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  1. viper007

    Murphy Lab Les Paul; The Big review !

    Any pics? Love to see this guitar! :)
  2. viper007

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    I have a Gibson Custom Shop 1964 ES-335 Reissue 2020. This is my 24th guitar that i own and before i had some other reissues and some Fender Custom Shop guitars. This is by far the best guitar i owned. Everything by this one feels so natural. From the neck (which suits me perfect) and i...
  3. viper007

    NGD - Murphy Lab ES335

    A Beauty!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  4. viper007

    Vintage ES-335s 1958, 59, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 64

    Holy Mama!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  5. viper007

    NGD. '64 ES 335 Reissue

    Sorry. My mistake :rolleyes: A reissue. Corrected it now :)
  6. viper007

    NGD. '64 ES 335 Reissue

    Thanks a lot! For myself i'm rather sensitive for the neck size. This neck, at least for me, is perfect! I've had an 1959 ES 335 Reissue before and that neck is definitely fatter.
  7. viper007

    NGD. '64 ES 335 Reissue

    Happy owner of this '64 ES 335 Reissue '][/URL] upload%20pictures']upload pictures[/URL]
  8. viper007

    Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty Les Paul Custom

    Very cool and sounds good! :salude
  9. viper007

    Born 1964

    I was 1964 (omg what a long time ago...:hee ) Oddly 3 of my absolute favourite guitarists is born the same year. Weird :rofl:headbange:teeth Doug Aldrich "][/URL] John Norum "][/URL] Damon Johnson "][/URL]
  10. viper007

    NGD Gibson Les Paul R7

    After messin' around :) with Flyin V, 335 and some SG's i finally returned to Les Paul. This is a 2016 model. Have some wear and tear and no problem for me... Me first with Custom Buckers and they sound really, really nice :peace2 "][/URL] "][/URL]
  11. viper007

    Joe Bonamassa '63 SG Custom Guitar

    Old interview, new video...:dude:
  12. viper007

    Joe Bonamassa Epiphone Les Paul Custom is coming

    Later this year it seems... Very interesting, at least for me...:dude: (Mods, please move or delete if i'm in the wrong pub) "][/URL]
  13. viper007

    Phil X on "Highway Star"

    But what's he playing, some sort of heavily modded CS '64 SG... Enjoy, at least i did :dude:
  14. viper007

    Les Paul players who made wrong turn...

    As the title say, Les Paul players who made the wrong turn in their careers according to your opinion... I begin, John Sykes, which i really like!! Could have been one of the greatest but now have a career in silence. Pity! "][/URL]
  15. viper007

    John Shanks: The Collection

    One of my favorite guitarist :dude:
  16. viper007

    Iommi interview

    Not so much playing but very interesting...:dude: