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  1. TrueVintageGuitar

    Uncirculated 1958 Gibson Les Paul TV Model (sold)

    This vintage 1958 Gibson Les Paul TV Model came in from the family of its original owner out of Little Rock, AR. It shipped from Gibson in Kalamazoo, MI on January 29th, 1958 to the Jenkins Music Company according to Gibson's shipment ledger. It's sold now but I will not easily forget this one...
  2. TrueVintageGuitar

    (Sold thank you!) 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior Cherry Double Cut

    This early double cut 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior has just arrived from the second owner who received it as a Christmas present in 1963. It's got all the cool first year double cutaway features like the big frets, no 8 serial number prefix, '58 neck profile, center mount P-90, etc. You can check...
  3. TrueVintageGuitar

    1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop

    I was initially attracted to this guitar because it was so clean and nicely preserved. When I picked it up, I immediately noticed what felt like a '59 era neck thickness at the first fret, although the profile had slightly wider shoulders than I'm used to feeling on '59 Gibsons. I measured the...
  4. TrueVintageGuitar

    1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior One Owner SOLD!

    This killer 1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior has just arrived from the son of its original owner. It's in spectacular playing condition and has all the resonance I look for in a wrap tail Les Paul. You can check out all the pictures and information here: 1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior.
  5. TrueVintageGuitar

    Mint 1957 Fender Telecaster in Macon, Georgia

    This pair is sold, but I thought you guys might enjoy seeing it. This 1957 Fender Telecaster and Princeton Amp were gifted to a husband by a wife in the late 1950s. The husband lost an arm and a leg to a hay bailer in the early 1970s and none of the family played. I'm told that the guitar hasn't...
  6. TrueVintageGuitar

    (Sold thank you!) Uncirculated 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop at True Vintage Guitar

    This killer 1954 Gibson Les Paul goldtop has just landed at TVG (Sold thank you!)! I purchased it from the son and grandson of its original owner in the Athens, Georgia area. None of the original owner's children or grandchildren played guitar more than a few chords, but they were very proud of...