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  1. OldStrummer

    Humble Pie 1971.

    I attended the 2nd Annual British Rock Meeting on Insul Grün in Germersheim, Germany in May, 1972. A lot of name brands - especially if you were into UK and European groups as well as American acts. The Kinks, Pink Floyd, Rory Gallagher, Quiver, Wishbone Ash, Amon Düül II, Nazareth, Osibisa...
  2. OldStrummer

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Sadly, I agree with you, Sérgio. I'm removing my bookmark for TFF, as it's just become a poor magnet for spammers, and LPF doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. I'm also removing my bookmark for LPF because 1) I find I've been spending too much time on forums, and 2) LPF doesn't have...
  3. OldStrummer

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Many public buildings put hawk silhouettes in their windows. Just a paste-on shadow in the shape of a hawk. Seems to work.
  4. OldStrummer

    Picture Frames for Press Release Photos

    Please define "ton of money?" For a photo exhibit I did a couple of years ago I went to an arts & crafts store and bought a mess of simple black photo frames. I now have the photos displayed on my walls everywhere, and I probably spent less than $100. Some of the photos I had made as wraps...
  5. OldStrummer

    Stratocaster 12-String

    Just my opinion, and worth every penny you paid for it: 12-string guitars tend to lend themselves to the tone and style of the acoustic player. Many electric guitarists throw themselves not just into the guitar, but into the holy grail of pedal/effect and amp combinations, and twelve strings...
  6. OldStrummer

    Bare Knuckles PAF or Kent Armstrong PUP?

    No, I decided against a floating pickup.
  7. OldStrummer

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Hey, everyone. It's Sunday! There's a new Sunday thread over in TFF. :D
  8. OldStrummer

    Bare Knuckles PAF or Kent Armstrong PUP?

    I'm having a custom guitar made, a single cutaway archtop with one pickup. Think jazz guitar. My choices for pickup are between a Kent Armstrong and a Bare Knuckles PAF. I'm having a hard time deciding. Anyone got experience or feedback on these pups?
  9. OldStrummer

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Dan, do what I do: Use a different browser. Some (Firefox, maybe?) won't let you proceed. Others, Chrome/Chromium will warn you, and let you continue. It's only a warning that the certificate has expired, not that the site is down or compromised. Good luck on #2, GJ. I got mine (Moderna) on...
  10. OldStrummer

    The Fender Forum's Lounge

    "Keep it stock" only goes so far. When the tuning keys of my 1957 ES-225 literally started crumbling away, I had no choice but to replace them. I was fortunate to find a shop that put "period correct" keys on them. They also replaced the control knobs (NOT with period correct knobs) because...
  11. OldStrummer

    Let's say..... there was this guitar player.....

    I'm pretty much where you are, except that I started about five years later than you did. But I'm five years older, so the time frame works out the same. About two years ago, I signed up to take lessons from a guitarist who studied under Pat Martino, and has a masters in musical studies...
  12. OldStrummer

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    First, my condolences. Both for your loss and for being named executor. I've had that unenviable task thrust on me three times, despite making everyone aware after the first that I would never do it again. Be prepared to lose friends and family, and discover friends and family you never knew...
  13. OldStrummer

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Are you going to start it tomorrow, Sérgio? :p
  14. OldStrummer

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    They're still updating the certificate. "Not private" just means the security of the certificate is in question. It should be, since it expired. :)
  15. OldStrummer

    Working Man's Guitar

    Sorry, I listed the first spec I came across, which was one of the configurations. These are the original stock pickups. I think they are the 498T (bridge) and 490R (neck).
  16. OldStrummer

    Working Man's Guitar

    I don't post here much, and I confess to being somewhat confused (and baffled) by the whole "reissue" thing. Does Gibson not make new Les Pauls anymore? It seems there's a lot of "resting on one's laurels," if you catch my drift. Which got me to thinking. I have two LPs; one I got for its...
  17. OldStrummer

    Welcome True Vintage Guitar!

    Welcome aboard! I'm curious: When does a guitar become "vintage?" Is it like antiques, that an item has to be at least 25 years old, or is there some other criteria?
  18. OldStrummer

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I've developed sufficient calluses on my fretting fingers that I rarely feel anything when I play. In my younger, wilder days, I could extinguish a cigarette on my fingers. I don't smoke any more. :p
  19. OldStrummer

    Shoot. I Saw This and Got GAS

    I do, too. I don't care for rosewood fingerboards, and since Fender almost never uses ebony, the choice is left to maple (or pau ferro...). That's what attracted me to this one, because the others that have started appearing on fleaBay all have rosewood. Sadly, I'm going to pass on this...