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    Binding bleed on original bursts?

    I think that actually, the bleeding was rather the red dye in the first dyed finish coats bleeding into the clear finish coats over the bindings rather than the dye bleeding into the binding itself. The solvent contained in the clear coats disolving the dyed under coat during and after spraying...
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    Fret distance measurements - calling all luthiers

    If the 12th fret is exactly at half the string's length (nut to saddle), the guitar will be sharp. String's length should allways be more than twice nut to 12th fret distance. More or less depending on string's gauge, height, type and tuning. In my experience, if nut to saddle is 314mm, highE...
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    Have tried half-round strings? https://www.ghsstrings.com/products?categories=brite-flatstm-2 https://www.daddario.com/products/guitar/electric-guitar/xl-half-rounds/
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    First Les Paul, ABR-1 question

    You can also make a retaining wire with a piece of G string, round nose and flat nose pliers. Cut it a little bit longer so the wire holds under the bridge, next to the thum-wheels, instead of inserted in the two small holes, which are obviously missing from your non-wire ABR-1.
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    '61 SG Les Paul ABR-1 Bridge

    Flat bottom ABR-1 do oscillate on vibrato equiped 60's Gibsons because the thumb-wheels top surface is conical. I don't know the chronology though. Had the first sideways equiped Gibson flat bottom ABR-1 and flat thumb-wheels, then rounded bottom and finally conical thumb-wheels and flat bottom...
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    Low voltage V High voltage tone caps in Les Paul wiring loom.

    Would you care to provide technical infos in support to this assertion?