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    Anyone else played 'Pearly?'

    Pearly should've received it's own royalty checks for those early ZZ Top albums, its sound was so consequential.
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    '69 Goldtop inlay - Ughhh!

    I just bought a '69 goldtop that my best friend has owned since '73. In a misguided effort to speed the aging process in the late 70s, he let it lay in the sun on a Florida beach and you see the result here. I'd love to get this fixed. Any ideas who I could contact about this? I'm in the...
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    Tim Shaw and the Sound Factory, 1974

    Back in '74, I accompanied my buddy Jeff and his '70 goldtop to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where his guitar was modified by Tim Shaw and Pat Murphy. They had a business called the Sound Factory, which was on the second floor of an old brick building in downtown Kalamazoo. Pat and Tim collaborated...
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    Early Aerosmith Les Pauls

    This concert was in the early 70s in support of their second album, "Get Your Wings." Pretty sure Joe's 3-pickup Custom is late 50s, not sure about Brad's 2-pickup Custom. The closeup of Joe's LP isn't blown up- It was a standard 50mm lens on a Konica Autoreflex.
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    Pearly Gates in Action, 1974

    Fort Wayne, Indiana. This was before they had the fancy suits and longhorns and rattlesnakes onstage, but holy crap did they kick ass. I was already a bigtime Les Paul fanatic, so it was worth getting there early for the spot right in front of the stage where I could get a good look at Pearly...