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    Tone turds ....

    any photos of Historics that look fantastic but after trying everything you could think of still dont sound so great ? this could be due to things like a loose neck joint or a "clunker " piece of wood for the back ( maybe the wood has too much silicon ) the most interesting would be the...
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    has there ever been a Historic with this wild a Maple top ?

    you guys ever see anything like this on a Gibson ? and what the heck is hierbus ? https://reverb.com/item/40501967-nik-huber-custom-orca-brazilian-hierbas-yellow-burst-guitar-pre-owned
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    what was Gibson thinking when they designed the Burstbuckers ?

    after having a Historics with both Lollars and Custombuckers I wonder how Gibosn let the Burst Buckers pass thru to production - to my ears they sound really bad .... with both the un waxed low wind Lollar Imerials and the stock Custom buckers blowing them out of the water what were they...
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    has anyone done a "shoot out" .... Historic vs Gretsch Jet with DYNASONIC single coils ?

    if you have owned both .... what is your take on how they compare ??? ( either PAF clone or P90 Lesters )
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    the R9's are so passé .... now its all about the 58's ...

    the 1959 reissue historics are so " 2010 " .... now its all about the 58s which IMHO have always been more vintage looking. and the new list price reflects this too .... its almost like one of the big wigs at Gibson finally noticed this and asked the question something along the lines of "...
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    lets talk about Historic prices way back in the "good ol days " ......

    so my first Historic was a 2003 57 goldtop reissue from Saul in a store that was called "Center City Music" in southern California bought the guitar brand new in 2003 for $1350 tax included Saul begged me to buy the one with BRW for a few hundred more and I passed thinking he was full of it...
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    what ever happened to the Fred Pine Collection ?

    if I recall there was a Dude named Fred Pine who had the most amazing collection of authentic looking Historics is that collection still intact and if he is still on the forum could I see photos of the collection ???
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    I am seeing a lot of different color Goldtops lately ....

    recently I have noticed many different colors on the Goldtops. From a classic greenish bronze color ,,,, to a much more pure copper color on a new Murphy to a crazy lime green copper historic at Guitar Center this week. that last one was really wild and the tag claimed it was a gold top...
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    Guitar Center files for chapter 11 .....

    ............. looks like they went down the tubes .
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    How do Gibson Korina Explorer and Historic LPs compare tone wise ?

    From a tone perspective lets say you took a really good Explorer with the historically correct Korina wood ( a clone of a 58 vintage ) and you had the same PAF clone pups in the Historic LP 57-60 how would they compare ? so for example would the explorer have the mid range "honk" like a good...
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    when did the 58's become five thousand dollar guitars ?

    the bottom end of the historic line really has moved up in price when 58s are 5 grand when did that happen ?
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    Survey : do you prefer narrow or wide flame ?

    doing a little survey here - if you could have just one historic would you prefer wide or narrow flame ? lets assume its Eastern maple for either of them
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    would Gibson make me a real nice "Johnny Fever" burst ?

    I am talking about making a clone of this particular burst (heck maybe they do already and i just dont know about it ) click to enlarge image
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    most realistic Historic ever shown on the LPF ?

    any idea of who on the forum owns the most realistic looking Historic ? lets have 3 categories 1) stock non aged Historics 2) factory aged at Gibson 3) special aged guitars from Historic Makeovers or similar custom shops
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    Gibson still using wonky light colored wood for Historic Les Paul fingerboards....

    I was in Guitar Center today and noticed that 70 % of the Historic Lesters STILL are being produced with a yellowish brown rosewood - to me it looks like arse. I dont know about you guys but to me the boards should be DARK if the boards cant look like BRW at least have them be a nice chocolate...
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    what finish would this be called in a modern Historic ?

    what kind of finish would you call this ?
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    would I be insane to try and sell a 57 BLACK BEAUTY custom historic with the Covid ?

    with the pandemic going would I be nuts to try and sell a historic 57 BB ? or do you think I would be absolutely fleeced ?
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    Whats the ultimate "easy sell " historic for a dealer ?

    this is going to be a little hard for me to explain. from the perspective of a dealer in Gibson Historics which of the models or types of tops make a dealer smile when they get one in, knowing that it will be a fast mover or even better there will be good customers who have told them : " you...