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    Theory on 4-digit '58s

    Mine had small frets.
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    Gibson Wired Nickel ABR-1 Bridge

    I'm looking for a pre-1965 Gibson ABR-1 bridge with nickel plating and retaining wire. I would prefer one with nylon saddles, however, I would also consider one with brass saddles, or one without any saddles. Thanks
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    1960 Gibson Korina Explorer 011172 " Kandye Kane " Guitars West Owned on ebay

    1960 Gibson Korina Explorer 011172 " Kandye Kane " Guitars West Owned on ebay This must be the 1960 Explorer that was advertised at the recent Dallas show: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1960-Gibson-Korina-Explorer-Kandye-Kane-Guitars-West-Owned-/262442351300?hash=item3d1ac87ac4:g:64AAAOSwQjZXPmsn
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    WTB, Rent or Borrow: Frank Pine Serial Number Stamp Kit

    I have a Korina project that is ready to have a serial number applied and clear coated. I waited too long to get one of these kits when Frank still had these available and am now scrambling to find one. If someone has one to sell, that would be great. Otherwise, if someone has one they could...
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    1962 Guild X-350 S.F. II and OHSC

    I've listed my 1962 Cherry Guild X-350 S.F. II on Craigslist in San Diego. Although I have listed it for sale locally, I am willing to ship the guitar to a forum member. Craigslist allows me to avoid the hassle with Photobucket while including 24 pics in the listing. If you have any questions...
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    Sacramento, CA Theft of Left Handed Instruments

    My friend's home in Sacramento was burglarized on the night of the 24th. The following Left Handed instruments were taken: Martin D35 with thinline under saddle pickup and original molded Martin HSC. Late 70's Sunburst Precision Bass in black soft case. Carvin 6 string neck-thru Koa Bass...
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    Treasure Hunters Roadshow & IVGCA Are Done

    The International Vintage Guitar Collectors Association and Treasure Hunters Roadshow have met their end. I saw a link to the following article on the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum: http://www.illinoistimes.com/Springfield/article-10283-the-roadshow-is-over.html
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    Replaced your vintage Varitone harness with what?

    For those of you that have removed the Varitone from your vintage 345 or 355, what did you replace it with? Did you replace the entire harness? If so, did you use vintage potentiometers and capacitors? I have a '59 345 that I'm thinking of having de-varitoned and am curious what other people...
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    Which Speaker Output Do You Use On A 4 Output Super Lead?

    On a '71 Super Lead with 4 speaker outputs, which output should be used if only 1 speaker cabinet is being used? Furthest Left? Furthest right, next to the impedance selector? No difference? Thanks
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    Brazilian R9 at Elderly?

    Is this one of the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard R9's? http://www.elderly.com/vintage/items/30U-14044.htm If I'm reading it right, the Gibson website would seem to indicate that it is. However, I figure you guys are more familiar with this question. Thanks