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  1. gmann

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    What makes you think it needs a reneck? I’d get a new nut ‘cause I don’t particularly like the idea of a shim there but that’s just me. No way would I sell it, ever!
  2. gmann

    Collector's Choice Rich Robinson Goldtop?

    Ugly guitar in my opinion.
  3. gmann

    Magic of an Esquire

    I love Esquires!
  4. gmann

    Happy Burstday Richard Fortus

    Very nice!
  5. gmann

    Quality of ceriatone amplifiers?

    Never had the model in question but I’ve had many and they have all been excellent. 1st rate build quality!
  6. gmann

    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    Oh yeah, I agree!
  7. gmann

    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    Because it’s a Trini Lopez fear gosh sakes!
  8. gmann

    Fenders like 9s?

    My Esquires like ‘em but they like 10’s too.
  9. gmann

    Marcus King 345 Signature Model.

    I’m sure it’s nice but 7K?
  10. gmann

    I don't get it....why buy aged guitar???

    You don’t need to understand it. Enjoy your new guitar.
  11. gmann

    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    Lloyd was a cool guy, bought several guitars there back in the day
  12. gmann

    Should I trade my SG Standard + G0 for a 57 Custom Black Beauty RI (3 pickup)

    Have you played these much? That middle pup will always be in your way IMO.
  13. gmann

    NGD TV Special

    Nice guitar, digging the amp as well!
  14. gmann

    Pot code ?

    I recently picked up an Historic R9 that has this for a pot code, 1 440-70501 0519. I've looked at the usual sites and have had no luck deciphering this. Anybody here know what it means?
  15. gmann

    Pot values

    In a Les Paul Jr., the '50's wiring calls for a 250K tone pot. They don't come this way anymore. Does anybody feel any value, tonally speaking, in going with a 250K as opposed to a 500K besides vintage accuracy?
  16. gmann

    Les Paul Standard Plus

    Anybody here have one? Are they chambered and do they have the long neck tenon. The one I'm looking at is a goldtop and I can get it for about $1400 which I think is a good deal. What do you think?