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    Gibson cases

    Does anyone know the dates for when the cases changed over time? Looking for the different styles from the 1970s.
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    RIP-Spencer Davis

    Was saddened to learn of his passing. Met him at the NAMM Show a couple of years ago and he was the nicest guy you could imagine. Talked with a few friends that had also conversed with him and they all said the same thing. Smart guy as he hired Steve Winwood. Funny story on how the Spencer...
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    Terry Kath's guitars (Chicago)

    I've been reliving my junior high days when I was really into Chicago. Didn't pay any attention to Terry's guitars back then. Here are the guitars that I have been able to find photos of him playing. Please comment if you know any more about them such as year, or if you were able to see him...
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    1953 LP Standard for sale Craig's List San Diego

    No affiliation with the seller, posted in case anyone is interested. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/msg/d/oceanside-1953-gibson-les-paul/7151732843.html
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    Gibson J-160E

    Thinking about picking up a J-160E. Trying to decide to go with an original, not really a good acoustic guitar-plywood top, ladder braced, but a classic or a re-issue, better guitar-solid top and x-braced, but with a P-100. Opinions. Also, if you have one, what strings work best for you.
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    Trying to remember a guitarist on TV in the 70s

    I used to watch the Midnight Special, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and In Concert every weekend during the 70s. Saw a lot of bands that I would have never been able to see since I wasn't old enough to drive yet. Trying to remember who the guitarist was that played a sunburst Les Paul with a...
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    1973 LP Custom Thin Binding Thru the Cutaway

    We had a LP Custom come thru, serial nr 139xxx, pots dating 7336, that had thin binding thru the cutaway. The maple top is clearly visible. The maple pancake is off center, closer to the back than the top. Cherry sunburst finish. I don't remember seeing any other 70s guitars with the thin...
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    Ric Ocasek-RIP

    The Cars, one of my favorite bands from my college years for their great music and pioneers in videos.
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    RIP Aspen Pittman of Grove Tubes

    Found out that Aspen was fatally injured in a car crash earlier this month. He was always was very friendly to me at the guitar shows and gave me advice when I first started repairing amps. I think he was the the first person who talked about matching tubes and having your amp properly biased...
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    CL Ad

    Anybody know anything about this one? No affiliation to the seller other than I live in San Diego. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/msg/d/solana-beach-yamaha-crown-shure/6949851927.html
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    New Custom Color Gibson SG Specials

    Saw the new Pelham Blue and Sparkling Burgundy Gibson SG Specials and was wondering how these new colors compare to the colors used in the 60s. To me, the Pelham Blue looked lighter in color than what I expected and the Sparkling Burgundy looked darker. I wasn't old enough to see these colors...
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    Gibson Firebird Volume/Tone Knob Layout

    Anybody know why Gibson used a different volume/tone knob layout on the Firebirds? For those that haven't played a Firebird, the knobs closest to the strings are the volume knobs while those closest to the rim are the tone knobs. On a LP or SG, the knobs closest to the strings are the neck...
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    Harmony Sovereign Tuners

    I picked up a Harmony Sovereign for cheap and was thinking about changing the tuners out. It still has the original open back tuners on it, but both the D and G tuners are bent. I was thinking about going to Grovers, but the shaft seams like it is too long and would stick out way above the...
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    Taking the Covers Off of Humbucking Pick-ups

    Just curious who was the first well known player to take the covers off of their humbucking pick-ups. If you've A/B covers on and off of the same guitar, does it make a difference in tone or output?
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitars

    Anybody know any information on Lynyrd Skynyrd's guitars? Be curious to know what year Steve Gaines LP Custom was and where it is now. Where Alan Collins Explorer and Firebird are, etc. Is it known where Alan got the Explorer and what he paid for it?
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    Gibson Factory Order Numbers (FONs)

    I've always thought the FONs were an excellent way to date a guitar. I recently had a customer bring in his fifties ES-125. I looked at the FON and it started with a "Y", said "It's a 1953". He said that in fact it was a 1952 as he got the guitar as a gift from his parents when he turned 13...
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    Melody Maker Bass Shipping Totals

    Was looking for MM bass shipping totals, but they're not listed in the Gibson Shipping Totals book I have. Anybody have these numbers? If you can break it down by finish that would be awesome. Thanks.
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    Factory Order Numbers (FON)

    Does anyone know how Factory Order Numbers (FON) were assigned? I have access to a 1960 ES-330 that has a FON of R6774-xx and recently on Craig's List another '60 ES-330 came up for sale with a FON of R6776-xx. Just seems weird that they would make a batch of 330s and then almost immediately...
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    Anyone else collecting Bud Beer Cans (States and NFL Teams)?

    Title says it all, any other beer can collectors out there?
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    54 Goldtop

    Was doing a little Sunday morning music searching and found this: Bill Bartlett of the Lemon Pipers playing a wrap tail gold top. www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5Vz-z4PEkk