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  1. ForeverFabFour

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    And which one is your favorite? 👀
  2. ForeverFabFour

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    Well, I made an offer on the 64. We will she if she takes it! I figure if for some reason it’s not the 335 I’ve been waiting for, I’ll resell it before years end and loose little to nothing. It’s a sellers market right now, that I am sure of.
  3. ForeverFabFour

    Why are there so many new, un-warranted Gibsons?

    Yes, in the USA. Guitar shops selling “like new” or mint condition guitars. Specimens that have never been played. They come directly from the factory, boxes and all, and are sold as used inventory. I was hesitant to name any particular vendor, but I will use Breaze Guitars as an example. They...
  4. ForeverFabFour

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    Thanks so much for the insight. I’ve been buying and selling a lot over the last year so I completely understand the oddity that is the Guitar market right now. I think I might just take a chance on it because if I don’t like it I should be able to at least get out of it quickly at little, to no...
  5. ForeverFabFour

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    Not really sure where to begin. I just I could start with the electronics. Not only the 335s but many older Gibson reissue humbuckers never satisfied me. It’s like Gibson hadn't heard a real PAF or pat# before. It hasn’t been until just the past few years that I felt their pick ups have been...
  6. ForeverFabFour

    Why are there so many new, un-warranted Gibsons?

    Over the last few years I’ve seen quite a few Gibson custom shop guitars being sold as “Mint, unplayed, unopened, etc.” It seems that a lot of dealers or specific shops have quite a few available at the same time. These guitars are sold without a warranty and come directly from the factory to...
  7. ForeverFabFour

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    Considering pulling the trigger on a 64 re-issue 335 from last year (2020). Seller says it’s the best 335 she’s ever owned, like new, etc etc. Due to the pandemic I still haven’t had the ability to play any Nashville manufactured 335s. I’ve wanted a 335 for a long time but was never satisfied...
  8. ForeverFabFour

    ABR1 String Placement

    I’m currently replacing the saddles on a true historic Les Paul and could use a little help with the placement of the strings on the saddles of the ABR1. In the past I've always just placed the strings center on the saddles and called it a day. After all, every other factory stock Gibson I own...
  9. ForeverFabFour

    CC owners - What's Your Number?

    A few CC guitars have come and gone since I posted in this thread a couple years ago. I currently own CC#7A 131 “John Shanks” and CC#24A 121 “Nicky”. I can comfortably say that both of these guitars are likely permanent members to the collection. "Lifers" if you will. Bought and Sold in the...
  10. ForeverFabFour

    Shipping/Receiving Guitars... Your Best and Worst Stories

    I’m really curious to know everyone’s best and worst experiences when shipping/receiving guitars (or other instruments). I’ve personally shipped over 50 guitars in the last decade and have had a lot of different experiences. I know a lot of people prefer UPS but I have used FedEx almost...
  11. ForeverFabFour

    Tube heat covers... to use or not to use?

    So I was replacing the tubes on my Fender Tonemaster head today and noticed that the tube housings have mounts at the top of them for heat coverings... you know, that little metal condom that slides over the tudes. All but one other amplifier I own has these covers; at least for the power...
  12. ForeverFabFour

    Thank You MojoAxe

    I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to Dan at MojoAxe. People always love to complain when they have bad experiences, but they rarely seem to give enough credit where credit is due. If you’re looking for some vintage correct plastics or hardware for your Gibson, I would...
  13. ForeverFabFour

    M-69 Rings

    M-69 Rings RetroSpec or CreamTone? Hi everyone, Like many of us I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of vintage correct plastics and parts for my Les Paul. The final pieces I need to swap out are the pick up rings. Considering I am notoriously indecisive I was hoping for some input. I’ve pretty much...
  14. ForeverFabFour

    1962 J-160E Truss Rod Cover

    Received my new cover today and I am very satisfied. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to MojoAxe for the hook up! Sorry the photo is sideways. It keeps rotating automatically for some reason...
  15. ForeverFabFour

    1962 J-160E Truss Rod Cover

    The same book shows John's other J-160e with a 2-ply cover...
  16. ForeverFabFour

    1962 J-160E Truss Rod Cover

    I did some digging and was able to find an example of what I am referencing. Both of these guitars are listed for sale as completely original. One is a 57 that has an all black cover, where as the second photo is of a 59 that has a double ply bell cover with white edges. I’ve also had a really...
  17. ForeverFabFour

    1962 J-160E Truss Rod Cover

    A few years ago I acquired a 2016 Gibson custom shop J-160e 1962 reissue in VOS. A mouth full of a name, I know. The guitar has been wonderful and largely very accurate to an original '62, however there were two things that always bothered me about it. The tulip tips and the truss rod cover. I...
  18. ForeverFabFour

    ABR-1 Issues

    So I've been having an issue with my ABR-1 bridge on a 2013 Collectors Choice Les Paul. The bridge started rattling about a week ago, so I decided to restring it and give it a full set up since it was needed. At first, the buzz seemed to go away, but after completing the set up and adjusting...
  19. ForeverFabFour

    De-Tune Guitar for Storage???

    It's a long debated question… Should you de-tune/remove your strings before storing a guitar? It seems there's no factual answer everyone agrees on. People claim that if you leave a guitar sitting at full tension for too long you may start to exhibit neck issues or bridge/saddle issues. But...
  20. ForeverFabFour

    Help with Vintage Klusons!

    I’ve been having some issues with an original set of 1960s kluson deluxe line tuners. They’re the original set that come on a 1965 Epiphone Casino ES230TD. So they’re no newer than 65. I’m accustomed to tightening Milk bottle grovers and cleaning/working on open back tuners, but I have never...