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    Estate Sale Acoustic, is it a J45 or a LG Series?

    As fas as t know, the LG series was built on a smaller body, 14 1/8 inches across the lower bout. The J series was larger, 16 1/8 inches across. Should just be able to measure and know exactly which model you have. LG-0/1 are ladder braced, braces run perpendicular to the strings. LG-2/3 are...
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    Norlin LPC - to mod or not?

    There is a metal pan in the control cavity that shields the pots.
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    Norlin LPC - to mod or not?

    Leave it alone.
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    "A Rare Bird" 1965 Firebird III With P90's

    Sent you an e-mail, I still have the guitar. Nice job on your website!
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    Bought an ES-355 in Dallas Yesterday

    The rare no varitone version! Enjoy it in good health.
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    ES-330 Problem - Anyone have a solution?

    The Lollars pole pieces are spaced differently for the neck and bridge pick-ups. Get another bridge pick-up and put that in your neck position and that should solve your problem.
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    1987 Gibson have a kahler tremolo???

    Yes, it was an available option. It is easy to install a stop tail piece and Nashville bridge as the screw holes are in the proper location. There is a large area under the Kahler that is routed out and will be visible if the vibrato is taken off.
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    Thinking about an SG.

    I believe some of the 61 RI were made with a one piece body while others were multi-piece. I would go with a one piece as that is more like the original 61.
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    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    You guys have better memories than I do! What was the name of Albert's store across the street from GC. When bursts were "only" $30k, I was considering getting one. He showed me a couple, but none of them really knocked me out so I passed. Oh well. Should have bought the 1st burst I checked out...
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    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    Just held them as I wasn't trying to purchase any of them. The 1st was at Lloyd's shop in Hollywood in the late 80s or early 90s. (I can't remember the name his store, it was near GC on Gardner). The 2nd Mike Indelicato (sorry if I spelled it wrong), he ran E-Guitars and is a friend of a...
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    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    I've held three original Vs.
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    1952 Les Paul + Fender Deluxe 5c3: getting appraised soon

    Any update on pricing? Would she consider selling separately? Roughly, where is the guitar located?
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    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    It's now $425k
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    1952 Les Paul + Fender Deluxe 5c3: getting appraised soon

    The pot codes ,which will give you their date of manufacture, will be on the sides of the pots, you maybe able to read them using a dental mirror.
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    1952 Les Paul + Fender Deluxe 5c3: getting appraised soon

    That's an awesome pair! Thanks for posting the pictures. See if your friend has any photos of her husband playing back in the day. Have you looked to see if it is a factory Bigsby or if it was added later on?
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    Medallion V #338

    Play it for awhile and then decide. A re-fret would not be a deal beaker for me. Post some more photos, congrats on your new toy!
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    Interesting 1961 Les Paul Standard on ebay

    It would be interesting to ask Gary about this guitar to see if he remembers it and why he didn't mention the serial number's large font. Also, if he did a black light test as it may show if a neck replacement was done. Looks like there were three guitars (LP Std/LG-0/ES-330) assigned the number...
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    Jethro Tull Live at the Capital Centre 1977, Martin Barre w/ 1959 Les Paul Standard

    My second concert was at the Cap Centre around 1976, The Allman Brothers. Do you know if they recorded what appeared on the big video screen? Would these videos be available somewhere? Chicago released a live album of their Cap Centre show with The Beach Boys a few years ago from around this...
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    Allman and Betts Isolated Blue Sky Tracks

    There are parts where Duane sounds like he is playing pedal steel.