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  1. akstrat61

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    +1 on sending the Greg and letting him do his magic on the neck only. The body looks sexy as hell!
  2. akstrat61

    9 0643 and 9 0696 "Grainger-Burst" up for auction at Heritage

    Wasn't he on a buying streak the last couple of years? I seem to recall a bunch of Tweets of him showing recent purchases of vintage guitars? And now to dump a bunch?? Non the less, some very cool guitars for sure!
  3. akstrat61

    A Burst Story

    Cool story!
  4. akstrat61

    Still needing a amp repair shop for 1956 GA-6

    +1 for Casey in MPLS.
  5. akstrat61

    They are still out there!

    I wish, not that lucky! I would have jumped on any tweed! Nope, a 10 inch. I do however have a '68 PR that I put a 12 inch baffle a speaker! That is a cool combo for sure!
  6. akstrat61

    They are still out there!

    I contacted the estate yesterday after I tore the amps apart! The widow looked in her basement and look what she found! I'm estatic! Made my week for sure, so cool!
  7. akstrat61

    They are still out there!

    I thought the baffle and grill cloth looked like they had been replced on the PR? Someone on the BF FB page thought they looked straight? Anyone care to weigh in? Yes, I have the original speaker, this a replcement so I cam dime the emp.
  8. akstrat61

    They are still out there!

    These two found their way into my home yesterday. I bought them sight unseen from an estate sale. Both fired up great and give up the BF goods. The PR does have a replaced baffle, but other than that, all the transformers and circuits look great! It was too good of a deal to pass up! Both...
  9. akstrat61

    A Rare One....

    I've never seen one! Very cool! Even the footswitch has character! :cool:
  10. akstrat61

    what humbucker model you would choose for a neck pickup for a telecaster?

    I wonder what the specs of Keef's and JB's are? JB has a CS Nocaster coming out and I think it with a Seymour Duncan in it of some spec?
  11. akstrat61

    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    No pictures of the pups, cavities, or guts?
  12. akstrat61

    1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary

    Mine does not say Anniversary on it, just bright white.
  13. akstrat61

    1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary

    I have a white '79. I didn't know they were assopciated with the anniversary models? Mine has a regular S9xxxxx serial number.
  14. akstrat61

    Tailpiece moved back on my '55 LP Junior?

    I have owned a number of 50's Juniors, while I can agree that the stud on the treble side was too close on 54-55 Jrs, I'm not sure they sound better? The bushings are shorter, I think 1/2 inch. In some cases, the pieces of wood broke out between the bushing and pup cavity. I can't see your...
  15. akstrat61

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    A '62 Brown Deluxe and '62 Reverb unit! Sold to a LPF member! :)
  16. akstrat61

    Three Strats - 1955, 1959, 1965

    You are killing me this morning with these pics! Beautiful!
  17. akstrat61

    Four Bursts

    Another classic photo Mike! I love that second '59 top!
  18. akstrat61

    1954 stratocaster

    I love the grain! How about a shot of the top? I would also like to see what else is behind the springs. They would write body dates in the cavities in these Strats, example 2/54?