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  1. akstrat61

    They are still out there!

    These two found their way into my home yesterday. I bought them sight unseen from an estate sale. Both fired up great and give up the BF goods. The PR does have a replaced baffle, but other than that, all the transformers and circuits look great! It was too good of a deal to pass up! Both...
  2. akstrat61

    R9 Setup and Dead Spots

    I am in need of some advice. I'm working on learning how to set up my own guitars. I'm getting better but have run into a bit of an issue with my R9. I'm using good tools, feeler gauges and a 6 inch ruler. I have gone on and set the neck releif up to Gibson specs, all looks good. I've set...
  3. akstrat61

    Hendrix "Flying V' Experience!

    Are you experienced?:2cool
  4. akstrat61

    Cigarette Burns?

    I remember back in the day when I was buying tweed amps and some Blackface stuff, that many of them had cigarette burns on them. I'll never forget a friend owned a tweed Bassman that must have had over 100 burns strategically placed around the top of the amp. I never bought any of those amps...
  5. akstrat61

    Let's Talk Custom Shop

    I'm going to be buying another Strat soon and am wondering how the custom shop models have changed over say the last ten years? I'm speaking in terms of build quality and components. Are there some years better than others? How have the pickups changed......or how about the "Roasted" guitars...
  6. akstrat61

    2002 R8 at Dave's

    Please someone buy this before I'm forced to make a call. I use to own a 2002 R8 and it was a stellar guitar for sure. It also had the pups changed and RS pots. The flame on this one is a bit unusual, but very cool from my seat. Thoughts? The price looks right. This looks like a real...
  7. akstrat61

    RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    Thought a few of you migt enjoy this new Rig Rundown with Jason. The first part is when he talks about Redeye. Enjoy!:salude RedEye
  8. akstrat61

    Boutique Strat Pups

    What are some of the better pups out there for Strats? I'm looking for a set for a guitar that was built for me many years ago. I tend to enjoy that out of phase quack, honk and pinch harmonics that I can only get with a Strat. Thanks for the help!:dude:
  9. akstrat61

    Brazilian Rosewood Confiscated

    A friend sent me this story and I thought a few here might enjoy!:dude...
  10. akstrat61

    Richards & Wood Visit Kalamazoo

    Never seen these picts before? https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2015/03/the_rolling_stones_visited_the.html
  11. akstrat61

    Best Japanese Fender Years?

    I remember hearing that there was a period of time in the 80's where the Fenders made in Japan where considered to be great guitars. Maybe it was a particular series?? Anyone care to shead some light on this topic? Maybe some examples/pics and why they were considered as such nice guitars?
  12. akstrat61

    JB Dual Professional?

    I have seen that Joe has hinted around about the release of a CS Dual Professional being run?:hank I've not seen Joe post here for awhile, so I'm wondering if anyone else has any intel about his choice in this amp for RI?:hank
  13. akstrat61

    BF Score!

    As some of you know, my go to amp has always been my '66 VR. Well today I ran into another gem.:jim I have always wanted to buy a BF Super Reverb. Well this one came up for sale today and I happen to be the first there with cash. A 1966 Fender Super Reverb, fresh out of the original owners...
  14. akstrat61

    Artist Series

    Not sure I have ever seen this list before? Thought some of you might enjoy as well.:dude::jim:dude: http://www.guitarscollector.com/gibson-artist-series.html
  15. akstrat61

    Crossfire Hurricane

    Just exactly what is a "Crossfire Hurricane"?:hmm
  16. akstrat61

    Humidity vs a 335?

    Can anyone advise me about the dangers of low humidity and a 335 in the winter? I live in a cold dry climate and just came back into playing a 335 after about 25 years of not owning a 335. I watch my acoustics carefully, but I tend to keep a couple of electrics hanging in my studio ready to...
  17. akstrat61

    Oh My, Backyard BBQ?

  18. akstrat61

    Korina Lap Fever

    I had a few of these over the years and eventually sold them all. I stumbled on this '58 a year or so ago and couldn't help myself. :dude: I had never seen one with dots or the Custom Deluxe model. Something about these Korina laps and knowing they were cut from the same slabs used on the V's...
  19. akstrat61

    Finally Pulled the ES Trigger

    I've been looking for a 335 for some time and couldn't quiet decide which route to go. Sometimes fate follows you. I just happen to do a quick search over on the Gear Page and this one showed up that morning. It plays like a dream and the neck is just right. Pickups are good and I'll have to...
  20. akstrat61

    Digital Cameras

    I'm going to buy a digital camera kit and am looking for some advice. I have a couple of friends who use Nikons and seem to like them? In looking models over, the D7500 seems to be a decent body to grow into. When it comes to choosing lenses, that's where it gets crazy. I plan to shoot picts...