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    Questions for SRV signature owners.

    A few weeks back I picked up a ‘17 SRV Strat after wanting to try one for a long time. It looks great and plays really well. In fact it’s kinda sold me on baseball bat necks. I wasn’t real sure about the Pau Ferro fretboard but I got over it pretty quick. Paired with my Bassman, the tone makes...
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    What low capacitance cable options?

    I wasn’t sure where to post this one. I’m trying to find some more low capacitance cables for my guitar rig. I have been using a 20’ Livewire Soundhose cable for some years now. I really like how the cable doesn’t swallow the high frequency before it gets to the amp. That has become hugely...
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    Tolex 5f6a?

    I’ve owned a Fender Bassman cabinet for ages. The 4 10 inch speakers aren’t the original Jensen models, they’re CTS from the early 60’s. The factory sticker is still in place but the corner with the production date is missing. The cabinet is also covered in a dark brown/blackish Tolex. I...
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    NAD Ceriatone 2555(Jube clone)

    Fair warning, I haven’t had the chance to play a Marshall Jubilee so I can’t compare the two. A few weeks ago I bought a used Ceriatone Jubilee clone through Reverb.com. The tolex has a few small nicks in it but otherwise the head is in perfect condition. The four el34 and three 12ax7 tubes are...
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    Bending heavy strings

    A few weeks ago I picked up a copy of Dan Erlewine’s “How to make your electric guitar play great”. Dan mentions the string gauges Stevie Ray Vaughan used on his number one strat in the setup section. I was surprised to find out that SRV used a lighter G string than I thought. He used a plain...
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    Little background and a few pics

    I’ve been playing for 36 years now. From early on I was a Strat/Super Strat kinda guy. I played a few Les Pauls early on and did’nt find them to my liking. It was so long ago I don’t remember if they were genuine Gibsons or not but I doubt it. A couple of years ago I bought an Epiphone Les Paul...