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  1. Z

    Tone turds ....

    same, same... that's got to be in the running as the least plain "plain" top ever.
  2. Z

    Guitar Trader Reissue Les Paul Ad In Guitar Player

    did they actually put the "extra low frets" on these ???
  3. Z

    Vintage Pedal Experts WTF is this? (Mosrite/EH Content)

    sure looks like a mosrite buzz-rite.
  4. Z

    THD Univalve users

    Oh the big trees is pure magic. That’s the end right there. Amazing clean. Incredible cranked and better than almost anything else that amplifies guitars in-between.
  5. Z

    THD Univalve users

    spent a lot of time in a recording session with one of these. tons of tube swapping, and the amp pretty much always sounded the same. Could've been the player. Super well made amp. I was impressed with that. And the univalve does sound good. No doubt. Cool platform. But you're not...
  6. Z

    help ID les Paul sunburst...fake? Or cool?

    not V100. they've got a weird upper bout and usually have a funky heel joint. to me, The "coolness" of this guitar is in direct proportion to it's price. as in.... It might be pretty cool for $100.
  7. Z

    Black or White Trim on Pelham Blue?

    white. WBW? that would work.
  8. Z

    Still needing a amp repair shop for 1956 GA-6

    where in the midwest? Casey Gooby in Mpls is TOP notch. and extremely reasonable. I would trust him with any of my vintage amps. no question. https://caseygooby.com/guitar-tube-amp-repair/ Kris at twin town is also a deep diver into vintage amp repair and reconstruction...
  9. Z

    Brand New Les Paul 60s Standard - Fretboard Issue?

    binding scraping chatter. you can scrape it smooth with a razor blade.
  10. Z

    Original Zemaitis Guitars

    I'd like to see those!
  11. Z

    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    There's one benefit from not being able to even consider spending that kind of $$$ on a guitar: I don't have to worry if it's legit or not. 😆
  12. Z

    1958 Flying V just listed on Reverb

    Wow is that stupid clean. o_O Wow
  13. Z

    Any non routing middle PUP options?

    None that look like a standard humbucker. PLENTY of surface mount pickup options. gold foil, "jazz" mini humbuckers, sixtus thin pickups, the submarine pickup, cigar box style pickups.... You might be able to sneak a thunderbird pickup in that position, maybe. But you're always going to...
  14. Z

    50's wiring treble loss

    you want less bass on your neck pickup? have you tried lowering the pickup height? There's a lot of variation messing with pickup height and pole pieces??
  15. Z

    Replacement NAMM '67 Flying V has arrived... not good news

    too bad they didn't to the easy fix the first time around. Glad it worked out. cool guitar and a Story!!!🤘🤘🤘
  16. Z

    Murphy Labs have landed at CME🔥

    I always thought the ml guitars were way too heavy handed and cartoonish. but these look amazing!!
  17. Z

    What is the best non-Gibson Les Paul?

    Seventy Seven guitars are pure awesome.
  18. Z

    Thoughts on this Gibson SG 1969 Natural?

    holy crap. that's spot on. Never thought of it that way, but it fits in so many ways.
  19. Z

    Thoughts on this Gibson SG 1969 Natural?

    there are literally hundreds of 61 reissues on reverb. When I think of "awesome SG's" I think of the 61 reissue or the Custom. The 61 or even the 62 reissue is pretty damn awesome in any year. 2020's are pretty tops. But it really depends on what details matter most to you. 1...