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    50´s wiring on a 1984 es 335?

    The clue is that it called 50's wiring, not 80's wiring!
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    50´s wiring on a 1984 es 335?

    "50's wiring" There's a clue in that somewhere 🤔
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    Neck tone control not working

    It's unlikely (but not impossible) to be the cap, guitar capacitors rarely fail as they are not subjected to any voltage, much more likely to be a wiring / solder joint problem or a faulty pot. Try checking the pot resistance between the lug that the capacitor connects to and the grounded lug...
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    Gold hardware question

    As I said previously, due to the fact that gold plating is very thin (typically less than 1 micron) the cost of the material used is not overly significant. It costs only slightly more to electroplate something with gold than it would to electroplate it with chrome or nickel.
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    Gold hardware question

    If you don't believe it is gold plated then I suggest you contact Gibson and ask them but I can assure you that the answer will be that it is. The Gibson website lists the pickup covers as being "Gold-plated Nickel Silver". It would be illegal to claim this if they were not!
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    What does the word operational mean in operational amplifier?

    An operational amplifier, more commonly referred to as an op-amp, is an integrated circuit chip that contains a voltage amplifier circuit. https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/semiconductors/chpt-8/introduction-operational-amplifiers/
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    What the British & The Irish bring to the picnic....

    Absolutely one of the all time greats but as he was Irish I suspect he might have taken issue at being called British!
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    Quick connect switch connector?

    That type of connector has terminals that are crimped on to the wire and then pushed into the plastic body of the plug, they have two small spring tags which lock them in place. It is sometimes possible to remove them by using a very small screwdriver or similar object to push the spring tabs...
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    50s Wiring, Did I Get it Wrong?

    Glad to hear you fixed it. Bad grounds and poor solder joints can often be the cause of a multitude of weird and unexpected faults, typically the connection will not be completely broken but will be a high resistance so you are effectively putting a resistor in to the circuit where there...
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    50s Wiring, Did I Get it Wrong?

    The one I was referring to is, as I said, the middle lug of the bridge volume pot (bottom left pot in your picture)
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    50s Wiring, Did I Get it Wrong?

    Firstly I would double check that the wires from the pickups and switch are the correct way round (pickup wires to the outer vol pot lugs and switch wires to the centre lugs). Secondly, and please don't take this the wrong way, the soldering looks to be very sloppy and any one of those solder...
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    50s Wiring, Did I Get it Wrong?

    The interaction between the controls that you describe is normal and yes, turning one volume down while in the middle position will cut the output. The tone pot working backwards sounds as though you have used the wrong pair of terminals. Only two of the lugs on the tone pot should be in use...
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    2016 Les Paul Classic wiring

    There is nothing unusual about 300K linear volume pots, they are standard fitment on most Les Pauls. If your wiring is stock it would be a PCB with modern style wiring. It is simple to check which style of wiring you have, if the capacitor connects to the outer lug of the volume pots it is...
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    2019 Studio wired wrong?

    Sounds like the pickups might be plugged into the wrong sockets on the printed circuit board (if so the pickups themselves will also be the wrong way round - i.e. when the switch is in the treble position it will actually be the neck pickup that is selected). If this is the case it's a simple...
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    Melody Maker Pickup Info Please.

    I've never actually seen one of the early ones so don't know for sure but I would imagine the coil was larger - can't imagine they would fit an oversize cover on the smaller coil.
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    Melody Maker Pickup Info Please.

    Yes, the earlier ones had a slightly wider pickup, I think they were 7/8 in wide as opposed to the later ones which were 5/8 in wide.
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    A short video about valve amps.

    As someone who both builds and repairs amplifiers and plays guitar I can see both sides. From a technical point of view what he says is perfectly correct, valves do not have a sound they are simply electronic devices that control voltage and current. The magic happens when we push those...
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    Ground Wire connector on PCB Les Paul Studio

    I assume you are referring to the connector block that the ground wire goes to, the green block with an orange locking lever on (it's not a switch). The way that should work is you push the wire fully into the hole with the lever up and then press down the lever to lock the wire in place. If...
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    Checking Pickup Resistance While In Guitar?

    Not so much in the ballpark but exactly right, If you know the exact resistance of the pickup winding and the pot then you can calculate what the parallel resistance is using the formula 1/Rtotal = 1/R1 + 1/R2, a pickup that measures exactly 8K in parallel with a pot that measures exactly 500K...
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    Pots noisy when turned on R9 and 63' 335 RI

    Yes, I know what you meant, I was just joking :) The theory behind it is not so much that it stops anything getting into the pot as nothing is "closed" regardless of where the pot is set, it is that the point of contact between the wiper and the track is at the unused bottom end of the pot...