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  1. wernerg

    NVGD - ES-345 "First Rack"

    Today, I became a "First Rack Believer": 1959 ES-345 (TDSV) with PAFs ("short-leg" bridge), thin top, mono conversion in 2014). This guitar came directly from OK Guitars, and it goes without saying that Charlie's representation of the guitar, and his support of the transaction lived up to his...
  2. wernerg

    Who's your favourite Australian guitarist?

    1. Frank Gambale 2. Brett Garsed
  3. wernerg

    Vintage Case Advice Needed

    [Mods - please bump me to another section if inappropriate here ] A long time ago, the LPF used to have a four letter acronym for vintage case experts, which I will not repeat here, out of respect for inclusion and diversity ;-) ... but if you are an expert on vintage cases, I am looking for...
  4. wernerg

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    Brandt - I will certainly do that!
  5. wernerg

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    People, I am overwhelmed by the encouragement and support in your responses! The value of the Forum is manifest in your collective advice. Truth be told, I am trying to fund the purchase of a PAF-equipped 1959 ES guitar. The problem is that I could easily afford the '59 AND keep the TV Special...
  6. wernerg

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    Update: After Reverb customer service (super helpful, super quick) told me that the buyer has a solid track record, I shipped the guitar to the agent's address in the U.S. following the Reverb process. Reverb authorized the payment to me and I expect the money to hit my account before the end of...
  7. wernerg

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    I've had this 1955 TV Special (5116xx) for about 25 years, and am considering letting go of it. Would love to hear your opinions. To me, this guitar has always been a great player-grade TV Special, maybe candidate for a re-neck by someone who knows what they're doing, and has access to a good...
  8. wernerg

    1955 Les Paul Junior, all original?

    My six-digit 5114xx has a very chunky C-profile neck
  9. wernerg

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    Yes, jrgtr42, that's exactly what I did: took pictures of the condition of the guitar in front of the running TV for timestamp verification, and again took pictures of the box. Sent everything via the process prescribed by Reverb. I am very happy to let Reverb earn a small part of my sales...
  10. wernerg

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    I chatted with Reverb customer service and was impressed by their quick response. They confirmed this buyer was in good standing, no red flags preventing me from shipping, and that I was protected anyway, as long as my shipment plays by the rules. I know Reverb is an LPF sponsor, so kudos to...
  11. wernerg

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    I just sold a vintage Les Paul on Reverb, and buyer paid immediately via Reverb. However, he says he is not in the U.S., and I am to ship to his "shipping agent" in Oregon. Is this legit? Is there any way he can accept the guitar and cancel the payment? In the past, for that same guitar, I...
  12. wernerg

    Godzilla's '59??

    I don't know about you guys... I miss Doug. Always entertaining!
  13. wernerg

    Les Paul Artist Models

    thanks, MikeSlub! These are wonderful guitars!
  14. wernerg

    Grace under fire....

    100% awesome and strong. An inspiration!
  15. wernerg

    Nugent's TWO bursts up for auction

    Per Ted Nugent's FB blog of 4/19, he has tested positive for what he calls the China Virus. After he is done with his tirade against members of the medical profession (citing Hypocritical Oath etc.) he mentions that he has a '59 Burst that's ready for him to rock. Indeed, there is a guitar in...
  16. wernerg

    Tailpiece moved back on my '55 LP Junior?

    I've had this late 1955 Les Paul Junior since 2012, and it is exactly as I bought it from Gary Dick almost 10 years ago. I love its P-90 tone, as well as the way it plays. Intonation is as good as you would expect from this kind of tailpiece. I notice that prior to me buying it, the bridge had...
  17. wernerg

    pics of cotrol cavity of original '58 Flying Vs

    Hello original V owners and fans, can anybody please post a picture of an original '58 V control cavity? (caps and all) Also, I am assuming that given the vintage (1958) of the PAFs, all '58 Vs were shipped with double blacks? Thanks in advance Werner
  18. wernerg

    Magellan in all its glory

    several years after I got to meet Principal Skinner in person at Arlington, I got to hold Magellan in all its glory tonight at the Baked Potato in North Hollywood. Joe was kind enough to share some details (double-creams, bridge PAF cover unmolested, recent refret, but pristine in every other...