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  1. Bob Womack

    What is going on with this LP Custom Headstock?

    I don't recall natural being an option until the Nashville plant opened in 1976. In fact, Tom Scholz of Boston started a natural top craze in 1976 with his natural refins. Before that, my memory was that black, white, and sunburst were offered on the Customs. I could be wrong. I'm also looking...
  2. Bob Womack

    Norlin LPC - to mod or not?

    Start with pickup height. Those pickups weren't particularly hot so people were taught to jack them up close to the strings. Unfortunately, that left you with a flat sounding upper end and rolled off bass. If you back them off from the strings the upper end comes up and they are quite sweet...
  3. Bob Womack

    Michael Allsup Of 3 Dog Night playing a 1970 Black Gibson Les Paul

    I always liked his playing. Here's one of my favorites. I think he's playing the lead fills from 1:23 on, on an SG. Nice volume swells. Oh, how about another? Interesting tones again with the volume control. Bob
  4. Bob Womack

    Thinking about an SG.

    I'm pretty chuffed. The '57s aren't bass heavy to start off with. In my other guitars with '57 Classics, you need to back off the tone control on the neck pickup to bring it into line with the neck, and this is no exception. I think that is just the nature of the Gibson control beast. The...
  5. Bob Womack

    Thinking about an SG.

    I've got a Dave's Guitar Shop 2016 SG Standard '61 Reissue Limited Edition. It has a slim neck but the shoulders are quite full, fuller than the ES-335 slim taper. It has '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus pickups, ABR-1, and nickel hardware and is really nice sounding. Lurvely. Bob
  6. Bob Womack

    Wah and Fuzz

    That's interesting. The order used to be fuzz into wah. For Instance: Bob
  7. Bob Womack

    thoughts on 1974 custom??

    When I went to pick up my '74 LP Standard after it was refretted in 1996, my luthier/tech offered to buy it from me on the spot. I guess it made an impression. :D Bob
  8. Bob Womack

    Guitar Trader Reissue Les Paul Ad In Guitar Player

    Did Strings 'n Things Memphis ever advertise their custom Les Pauls or was completely off the radar? Bob
  9. Bob Womack

    Had to do it.

    What about the poker chip? Bob
  10. Bob Womack

    Had to do it.

    Nice! I've been sitting on this for while with this 2018 Standard... What do you think? Bob
  11. Bob Womack

    1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - value question!

    Mmmm... Let's see. Beyond what is said above... It looks as though all the hardware has been removed and the guitar polished on a wheel. As a result, the "Les Paul Mode" logo has been partially buffed off. The hardware has been polished as well. In shot #8 the top frets look quite flat...
  12. Bob Womack

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    A Gibson GA-55RVT Ranger (the Kalamazoo Super) I sold in 1978. It had a wonderful sound when wound out and jumpered. But frankly, its strength was also its weakness: full-band concert situations was all it could do. Bob
  13. Bob Womack

    Music production experts?

    Mmmm... I've been on Nuendo professionally for nearly twenty years (before that on analog 24-track for twenty years), doing everything from Audio Post for Film and Video to scoring to albums. Many of the scoring composers I work with are moving AWAY from Pro Tools because the GUIs on some of...
  14. Bob Womack

    LP Deluxe - Les' name is closer to the Gibson inlay.

    However, here is a '71 with a layout closer to yours. It is over HERE on another thread. Bob
  15. Bob Womack

    LP Deluxe - Les' name is closer to the Gibson inlay.

    There's a lot squirrely about this headstock: #1 the beveled edge, #2 the LP sig positio, #3, the size of the space between top keys and the top of the headstock and p0lacement of the logo, and #4 the wrong keys. Period guitars had doublee ring Klusons with a small washer, a la this '74. Bob
  16. Bob Womack

    Where are the beaters?

    The Beaters are still backing up Billy Vera. Bob
  17. Bob Womack

    Any Rickenbacker fans here?

    1940 was a good year. Bob
  18. Bob Womack

    I went to my Grandmother's closet, and I found a 1970..

    Looks like a refret because there are no nibs but anything goes with Gibson in that period. And yes, they are tall. Count your blessings! Bob
  19. Bob Womack

    The Dog Thread

    Here's Boo!, who was pictured above with his late sister. He just got out of the vet hospital and is doing better after a blocked intestine. Here, I'm sitting on a backyard swing throwning his "horrible pig" (six-inch long ribber pig with a squeaker) to him. In this shot I tossed it overhead...
  20. Bob Womack

    1971 cherry sunburst value

    While it is true that they were owned by Norlin, there is a difference between owning and controlling. In 1944, Gibson was purchased by Chicago Musical Instruments. ECL purchased CMI in 1969 and then ECL changed its name to Norlin. However, people on the production line say the same...