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  1. JBLPplayer

    Real Vintage Marshall amps. Please post here without fear.

    I hate what Music Ground has done to the vintage Marshall market. I collect tweed Fender Amps .. Myself if I was a dealer with a few questionable amps on consignment I would not stake my business on them. Give them back to the owners with all due respect and without prejustice. Opinions are...
  2. JBLPplayer

    Calling maple flame!!

    Seems like a nice project/ burst conversion candidate if it's not 12 pounds. http://larkstreetmusic.com/stock.html Scroll down to the refinished 68 Lester... :salude
  3. JBLPplayer

    Thank you 4 string

    You know.... Time and time again I live vicariously through 4 String's Vintage Show picture post.. I thought I'd take the time out to personally thank him for his photos from Dallas and so many shows that he has photo'd for us that could not be there. I dont know your name but I just thought it...
  4. JBLPplayer

    One for Mr King... Rest in Peace....

    Probably not the right area to post but 355 content.. Sad sad day for the all of us.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOAQd3JK0sc Joe B
  5. JBLPplayer

    How about some love for our host.

    Cheers to Tom Wittrock,Charlie Daughtry and Mike Slubowski for their due diligence in turning this place around. It is honestly a thankless job 99 percent of the time. There have been some bad vibes around here lately. We all love vintage Les Paul guitars including Richard and John. No reason...
  6. JBLPplayer

    Beware of Englishmen Named Phil.

    Nightmare scenario for anyone. http://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-BANKB-20554 It's a real problem that damages the business and fun of collecting. :bigal Joe B
  7. JBLPplayer

    NBD Bursting with Excitement.

    My new girl ... Funny I have this strange craving for tomato soup tonight. :dude: Joe B
  8. JBLPplayer

    What do you all make of this guy?

    http://www.denmarkstreetonline.co.uk/product-details/1959-Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard 9-1882:2cool Happy Boxing Day!! Joe B
  9. JBLPplayer

    Carmelita aka the Claw aka I'm broke...

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share in the good news that both myself and the Anonymous Texas Collector went in on 9-1953 aka Carmelita or as it was known back in the day (known very well by our host) as "The Claw". Special thanks to Rick Gould who has worked tirelessly to get this done for...
  10. JBLPplayer

    Correct Speakers for a White Twin

    Hey Guys, I am on a white twin kick and looking at one with Oxfords instead of P-12N's. It all looks correct but did Fender ever use those in Twin amps of that era? That is the question I am dying to know... LOL :dude: Joe B
  11. JBLPplayer

    Happy Birthday to Paul Kossoff

    Possibly the worlds most underrated and influential guitarist for the most underrated and influential band of the modern rock age would of only turned 62 today... born Sept 14,1950 Here is my personal favorite..... Best tone and feel ever!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S34C_b3Ufrg Joe B :dude:
  12. JBLPplayer

    Many Legends, One Burst

    I'm sure this video has been posted before but my Youtube search led me to discovering this gem.... Muddy and Bloomfield with burst in tow... enjoy!! :salude Joe B http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSVuEjvLjFE
  13. JBLPplayer

    If I was Tom W .... I would really watch Late Night with David Letterman.

    Just wrapped the taping of Late Night with David Letterman and Im on my way to Providence.. Tom you might recognize the guitar on the TV... Airs tonight at 11:35 eastern standard... Uber Burst Content... Joe B:dude:
  14. JBLPplayer

    Gary Moore: a year ago today.. Burst Content

    Hey Guys... I don't know if this is the right place to post this but since it has Burst content I felt it was the right place. Its hard to believe it has already been a year... Rest in Peace Gary Moore one of the greatest ever... Here is my favorite song from my favorite footage of...
  15. JBLPplayer

    One for Skamokawa

    Here ya go... "Treasure" in uber battle conditions... I hope I can keep up with the master.. This was last night in Hollywood.. Eric was superb ... What a freaking great player and equally nice guy.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8VtVQWklz0&feature=related Joe B Oh by the way... thats a...
  16. JBLPplayer

    Wow...!! cool guitar although its been looted.

    Hey dudes,, Ran across this on G-base and was like that will make a pretty good playing guitar.. don't have to put the real PAFS for it to howl.. I know some of you here restore stuff and thought it was interesting... http://www.gbase.com/gear/gibson-les-paul-sg-standard-1962-cherry-2...
  17. JBLPplayer

    Whats up with this fellas??

    Hey guys.. Just wondering what the experts think of this one... ?? http://www.gbase.com/gear/gibson-explorer-1963-natural-korina
  18. JBLPplayer

    Me and Koss..

    Here ya go guys and gals.... One of the thrills of my life.. !! Got to use Koss's 59 Burst the other day for 9 songs on the gig.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGpvu5MwG9c Enjoy.... Joe B
  19. JBLPplayer

    Passenger Paul..

    Hey Guys, Here is how the 59 is traveling on tour these days in Australia. All the shows are fly in dates with rental gear. The Aussie airlines do not allow guitars in the overheads because they "don't fit" :rofl . Anyway there is a solution to every problem... The guitar prefers a...
  20. JBLPplayer

    59 Burst question

    Hello All, Greetings from Hong Kong.. The tour continues to roll along very smoothly and we have been having a blast. I need your advice on a small problem I am having. I am playing the 59 out here on tour. It sounds great.. We call it "Magellan". What I have noticed in playing it...