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    Fret distance measurements - calling all luthiers

    Hi all. I have an interesting scenario. I've a new fretboard on a LP Jnr, and I have cut the frets to the StewMac calculator numbers. The board has been glued on and and fretted. Total scale measures out good at 628mm from nut front to saddles. The calc gives a 12th fret measurement (from...
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    Tail piece woes - '73 Custom 54RI content

    Whoops. Haven't opened this case in quite a while. Hmmm. The old pot metal was pretty shitty, and this had been slowly bending for some time. So right now I have an aluminium aged tail piece and some longer inserts but I'd like an original tail piece again. Would anyone know of, or have one...
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    Reverb to be sold

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    1974 Les Paul Custom 20th - some input please

    Hello all. I recently got a one owner early '74 Custom. Original bar the jack plate (I'll get to that), and the two pickup ring screws that sheared off (rusted to the body) when I tried to undo them (yes, very gently!!) It's a cherry burst and has faded nicely - not really clowny. 9.9lbs...
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    1964 Jazzmaster - slight return

    My last thread has been nuked by some weird code stuff...blank screen. So, here it is again.
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    1964 Fender Jazzmaster

    This popped up recently on our local selling web site and I was lucky enough to win the auction. I have re-fretted it and it is playing and sounding very nice. Pickups read 9K for the bridge and 8.4K for the neck. I like the wear and large neck profile. Body dates to Dec '63 and the pots '64...
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    String Spread "mod" for a narrow nut

    Well, not really a mod, but just a way of improving a situation. I've mentioned it before so I thought I'd take a quick shot and show what I mean. This is a 66/67 ES-335. Narrow nut. The guitar sounds great but I wanted a bit more room to move at the head stock end. Using my technique below I...
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    Gibson Japan Firebird

    Does anyone know more about this? I wasn’t aware they were making Gibson branded guitars in Japan? https://reverb.com/item/9147902-2015-gibson-japan-firebird-non-reverse-body-neck-guitar-parts-pelham-blue
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    Big top ‘96 R0

    For sale locally. Checking lines run length wise and I think the lacquer is lifting away along some edges rendering the colour less vibrant. Regardless, a good example of those double stained big topped 96-98’s.
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    Magnatone Lyric (2017) - anyone tried it?

    https://reverb.com/item/1738703-magnatone-amps-lyric-12-1x12-combo-tube-guitar-amplifier Not much info available for these. YouTube sporting very little. I liked what I heard at Arlington with the bigger Magnatones, but this 10 watt model intrigues me. Any help or opinions welcome.
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    1964 FB IV meets Router

    But before I am burnt at the stake by the AVH's there's a story. This is an amazing guitar. It feels great, is balanced and best of all, it has great acoustic tone. The neck pickup is sublime, but it's bridge partner was not. So, I took a great sounding Shaw, added a ThroBak A5 unoriented...
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    Arlington 2017

    Thought it might be useful to see who is going to make it along this year. I'm working on it, and it's looking promising.
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    1957 Les Paul Special

    This thing followed me home from LA this week. All original, including worn frets. Sounds crazy good, but needs a refret to unlock the true potential. Original case a little shabby (not shown here). Note the lack of finish in the cavity on the treble side...just pure wood. And the wood is light...
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    1963 Stratocaster forensic color analysis

    I'm very happy to report I finally persuaded a good friend of mine to sell me his 63 Strat. Aside from a 1970s strip job it's clean. The perfectly shaped neck especially so. I wish to return it to its first color...but so far I count 5. My current take is Fiesta Red over a sunburst finish. It...
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    1963 Stratocaster - string spread on nut

    Hi fellow gentlepieces. Could someone who has access to an early 60's Strat help a man out? I'd like the factory string spread measurements at the nut. Middle E to middle E (that thin one is hard to find the middle on!)....in mm's if it's not too onerous :salude Many thanks!
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    6V6 mechanical noise

    Fellow lovers of that classic tube the 6V6...I need the wisdom of your experiences. One of my gigging amps is the 65Amps Tupelo (x2). These come with factory JJ's which sound very good. However, in combo form these tubes poke out horizontally from the chassis and quickly develop maddening...
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    Kluson Info = Dr Vintage page gone

    The Dr Vintage page was a great resource for us all, but I see it isn't working. http://www.doctorvintage.com/tuners/50s_klusons.html . The Dr Vintage home page is also not a happening thing. Is the site/business still going? Did anyone save the web page as a complete file, and if so, are we...
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    I don't think so....

    Remember this beautiful guitar folks? Someone else also saved the pictures. http://philadelphia.backpage.com/MusicEquipForSale/1954-gibson-les-paul-standard-vintage-electric-guitar-all-gold-finish/25251493
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    What LP model is this from?

    This has come up locally...haven't seen one before. Has black fluffy lining. Any ideas what model/year this is from. Clearly recent.
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    Vintage Guitar Magazine - Android App

    Hi all. I am a subscriber to the above...and yes, I do wonder why at times...but anyway, I got two years to use up and I can't get the Android version to work. I used to have this on my iPad Mini which was great, but I ditched that and went for a new Samsung Tab 2...great tablet BTW. Long...