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  1. Coachmoe

    NGD X 3

    Finally got a chance to get a group shot of ALL the honey's! The SG's and the Goldtop are the new kids in town. Background: 2007 Shelby GT500 7K miles, it's a show car. L to R: 2004 PRS SE Hollowbody 2004 Historic R9, THROBAKS 2019 Pelhman Blue SG Special stock 2002 Firebird V, Mojotone...
  2. Coachmoe


    Limited Edition Fender DRRI, all pine cabinet, 12" British Celestion Rola. I've been wanting another DRRI for a long time now to pair up with my Dr. Z. Maz 18. Life is good!
  3. Coachmoe


  4. Coachmoe

    What in the world is going on???

    Greetings! Stopped playing back in 2011, sold off most of my gear and stopped hanging out here on the Forum. Basically out of the guitar loop since then. Now I'm back and I am confused and perplexed at all of the new Historic model designations, CC, True Historic, Historic's with names like...
  5. Coachmoe

    New Group Shot!

    Here's the new family portrait. 04 R7 Refin 74 1456 04 R9 04 1210 08 FB V 08 CS Strat 2008 Dr.Z Carmen Ghia 2009 Dr. Z Maz 18 NR Fender 63 Reverb RI
  6. Coachmoe

    Firebird Tuners

    Greetings! THIS IS NOT THE TYPICAL FB TUNER THREAD!!! :applaude I am trying to find out who supplies the banjo style tuners to Gibson. I've contacted them and they're not telling. One guy I talked to in Customer Service said they don't use them any more. My reply was , yes they do, they are...
  7. Coachmoe

    Vanity Plates

    Dude, If there's one thing I DON'T have it's an over inflated opinion of my self- importance. I am a school teacher and I have made my living trying to teach kids about the world, it's history, it's people and how to get along in the various environments. I also coach which at times, is...
  8. Coachmoe

    Pickup Upgrade R9 ???

    Greetings! I am going to swap pickups in my R9. I am considering the Dimarzio 36th Anniversary Set OR Duncan Antiquity's. Has anyone out there swapped for either of these sets? If so, what are your opinions, pro or con? Any hinput is greatly appreciated. :peace2
  9. Coachmoe

    Lets see some group shots!

    Here's my new group shot! 04 R7 Refin, 05 R6 Goldtop, Custom Shop designed Strat, 06 G0, 04 R9 59 Bassman RI, 68 Bandmaster, 65 DRRI, 65 Super Reverb RI, 63 Reissue Reverb, 05 Pro Junior, 95 Blonde Pro Junior :peace2
  10. Coachmoe

    Skynrd pickups

    Does anybody know what pickups Gary Rossington uses in his Les Pauls? :dude:
  11. Coachmoe

    Duncan Antiquities vs Seth Lover - Let the debate continue!

    I'm thinking about replacing pickups in two of my Historics. I've narrowed the choices down to Duncan Antiquities and Duncan Lover's. I am concerned with this line from the Duncan website about the Antiquities. : The mounting ring is slightly higher for the increased pickup height. Is...
  12. Coachmoe

    G0 Sweet Cherry back from Lay's

    Greetings! Here are some shots of my 06 G0 Sweet Cherry done by Lay's Guitar Shop in Akron, Ohio. I aged the metal parts myself with etching solution and Dan did a very light aging of the plastic. New matched CTS pots and Luxe Bumblebees complete the ensemble. IMHO, I think...
  13. Coachmoe

    Where's Todd?????

    Not sure if I've missed something or not. Does anyone know where Todd Louis has been? I hope he's OK.:hmm
  14. Coachmoe

    What are your amp settings?

    Greetings! I was reading one of my books a few nights ago and Buddy Guy made a comment about running everything all the way up to 10. I thought what the heck why not try it, so I did. Pedals not with standing, I was amazed at the difference fully cranked bass and treble controls have on my...
  15. Coachmoe

    Elliot Easton - Sweet Cherry 1978???

    Just stumbled on to this clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmK8ea-K6JE Kinda looks like Elliot's recent refin, don't you think?:wow I gotta get me one of those red ones some day! :3zone :spabout
  16. Coachmoe

    Hey Todd! L@@K at the new R9!!

    Todd, Here's the new 04 R9 in Iced Tea from Mark's. Whatcha think??? Once again, thanks Mark!:salude :salude
  17. Coachmoe

    04 R9 questions

    Greetings! I have just recieved my used 04 R9. It came from Mark's Guitar Loft ( Thanks a million! ).:applaude :applaude According to Gibson, it left the factory November 5, 2004 and was shipped to California. It has the custom authentic finish, black back plates and a Gibson Custom case...
  18. Coachmoe

    Ikebe Aged Historics

    Greetings! Can anyone supply some info on Ibeke aged guitars? I've done some searching and from what I can tell, they are a Japanese dealer and they buy from Gibson. They then have somebody age the guitars. They are SUPPOSED to be BETTER than Murphy aged pieces. Anybody have the low down...
  19. Coachmoe

    What should I be looking for?

    Greetings, With all the economic developments of late, I was wondering. Which vintage Les Paul models appear to be increasing / decreasing in value? Is the vintage market safe right now? I am considering a vintage purchase more for investment purposes ( as opposed to playing ) and I'm...
  20. Coachmoe

    Princeton Reverb RI thoughts??

    Greetings! The Princeton Reverb RI has been out for a few months now. What kind of feedback does anyone have on them now that they've had a chance to be used? I have a DR RI and I am contemplating the PR RI to be used indoors at our smaller venues. I figure early next year some of these...