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  1. Red Baron

    2019/20 R4/R6 Questions

    Hey all, can anyone please answer the following questions in regard to 2019/20 R4's and R6's. Do they have unpotted P90's? Do they have tall/narrow frets the same as R7/8's? Thanks in advance :salude
  2. Red Baron

    Motorsport Fans

    Just a heads up for anyone who (like me) is interested in motorsport history, there's been some great documentaries released in the past 12 months including - The 24 Hour War (2016) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4875844/?ref_=nv_sr_1 The epic Ferrari/Ford rivalry at Le Mans during the 1960's...
  3. Red Baron

    EHX Canyon Delay Looper

    Cool versatile new pedal from EHX...
  4. Red Baron

    EHX MEL9

    Another cool new pedal from EHX...
  5. Red Baron

    Supro Black Magick

    The new Supro Black Magick, nice tight overdriven tone...
  6. Red Baron

    Vintage Guitar Expert

    Saw this job listing and thought that it might appeal to some of our vintage experts here... http://work.at.reverb.com/apply/job_20151204222824_IKH6VKALHAGMQURT/Vintage-Guitar-Expert?source=LILI
  7. Red Baron

    New EHX Lester G

    This sounds tasty... :hank
  8. Red Baron

    2016 R8

    According to Guitar Planet in Japan, they have the first 2016 R8 in stock (S/N R8 60001), claiming that this line have inherited 2014 specs, branded as a 'Standard Historic Reissue 58'. http://www.guitarplanet.co.jp/sp/sea/view_details/gp10014417.html
  9. Red Baron

    Lazy J Cruiser Deuce vs T. Jauernig Gristle King V3

    Has anybody had the opportunity to compare these pedals side by side? If so I'd appreciate hearing your opinions :salude
  10. Red Baron

    Unusual Prototype at Dave's

    First time I've seen a Paulowmia bodied Historic ...which is a very lightweight balsa-like wood that is often used for boats and surfboards. Notice also that it's a 2-piece body. Would be interesting to hear this guitar in action. http://davesguitar.com/products/gibson/ptrotype-les-paul-01/
  11. Red Baron

    2014 Chambered R4's

    I've seen a few very lightweight chambered R4's getting about, has anyone here played one and can describe the tonal character compared to a solid body R4? :hmm
  12. Red Baron

    Dumble Amps - How Much?

    Can anyone please give me a ballpark figure of how much Dumble's are selling for lately? A friend wants to sell his mid 80's ODS 100 head with matching 1 x 12 cab but he has no idea how much they sell for these days. I suggested probably about $50k? :hmm
  13. Red Baron

    Ron Ellis Interview

    Very interesting interview with Dan Boul (65Amps) talking to pickup guru Ron Ellis... http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/40108936
  14. Red Baron

    5E3 vs 5F10

    Those of you who own (or have played) both, I'm interested to hear your thoughts about which circuit you prefer with a Les Paul. Do you find that the 5F10 is less likely to fart out and has a tighter bottom end than the 5E3 and therefore better suited to humbuckers? I'd like to buy another...
  15. Red Baron

    New Marshall

    The soon to be released limited edition 1964 CS JTM45 1 watt head/cab... I want one! :dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w71tBeuLn2Y
  16. Red Baron

    Nice looking '99 at Rumbleseat

    Just browsing their site and saw this Vintage World, Murphy aged 40th Anniversary R9... Definitely one of nicer 99's I've seen. :jim
  17. Red Baron

    Delicious Wildwood Featherweight R8

    I think this is maybe the best looking Historic I've seen this year. I love everything about it - the subtle flame, flecks, authentic looking top and the colour... if Greg play-tests this one, he has every right to describe it as delicious...
  18. Red Baron

    Lee Roy Parnell Goldtop vs 2013 Historic

    If anyone here owns a LRP Goldtop and a 2013 Historic, I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts about how the Custom Buckers compare with the Ron Ellis humbuckers in the LRP. I think that Ron makes the best single coil pickups that money can buy but I've never tried his humbuckers, so I'm...
  19. Red Baron

    JB is an Aussie?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=422tQ-d30vc&feature=player_embedded#! :peace2
  20. Red Baron

    New Green Lemon R8

    Hey guy's, my new R8 arrived from Ikebe-Gakki (via James Porter at Tokyo Guitar Safari) a few days ago... and what a guitar! It's everything I'd hoped it would be and then some. Nice weight and I love the finish, top and colour... but more importantly it feels, plays and sounds incredibly good...