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  1. gibsonjunkie

    NG(O) D

    New guitar ordered today - should arrive next week. I was really intrigued by this Les Paul Special with a semi-hollow body and f hole. Sculptured body, AAA Maple top, Nitro finish and great pickups - all for an insane price. Guitar Center has some interesting projects with Gibson. My last LP...
  2. gibsonjunkie

    Custom built guitar...

    A custom-built guitar made by Mark Stoleson of Stol Guitars. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I got to pick out the wood, hardware, pickups, etc. Mark is a true craftsman. More phtots here...
  3. gibsonjunkie

    Les Paul Traditional Pro

    Hi all - I've been absent from here for quite a while. I'm looking at the new LP traditional Pro with P-90s that Guitar Center is selling. They have a goldtop that just looks exquisite. I tried the 60's Tribute which had a similar setup, but never found a decent one, and Gibson's only other...
  4. gibsonjunkie

    Help with ES-335

    While playing my ES-335 Reissue the other day the strap popped off and it fell face down on the floor. Luckily there appears to be no damage except the bridge pickup was knocked out of position. By loosening up all the screws it popped back into place and appears to be working fine, but I have...
  5. gibsonjunkie

    Just curious - anybody ever seen a Blueburst L.P.?

    It just seems like it would be a cool color. The ES's that come out in Blueburst look pretty cool!