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  1. LeonC

    Love my 6G3 Deluxe!

    I bought this old Deluxe 10 years ago. It needed a bit of TLC but it was all simple stuff...new speaker, new power tubes, re-bias, swap out a few old caps. I've been using it for years with a Cannabis Rex in it, which I think sounds great...but recently I tried it with a new GA SC64 -- wow...
  2. LeonC

    Here's an odd one - Audio Guild Imperial

    I heard one of these maybe 10/15 years ago and thought it sounded great. Ran across this one a few weeks ago and nabbed it. There's an interesting history to these amps. They were apparently made by the company Versatone in Van Nuys, CA. That's the company that made the Pan-o-Flex bass amps...
  3. LeonC

    BG's Pearly Gates back story

    I don't know if this has been discussed here before. My apologies if it has...but here you go.
  4. LeonC

    Upgraded ES137 pickups and pots

    I just replaced the original pickups and pots in my ES137 and man...it's a really big improvement. Upon inspecting/testing the original equipment, it's easy to see why. I believe the pickups are the 490R and 498T...but whatever they are...they were a bit too hot for me. Turns out the neck...
  5. LeonC

    Nice article in Guitarist on Kossoff's stripped top '59

    Article on Kossoff's stripped '59 Interesting to note that as often seems to be the case, the neck pickup has a higher resistance reading than the bridge. This isn't always the case...but it does seem like it's not all that unusual. Also...slimmer neck than might be expected...which according...
  6. LeonC

    Randy Hansen streaming live right now

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6QYfZOIfJ0 Covering Rattlesnake Shake right now. Nice!
  7. LeonC

    Gibson-made replica guitar database

    A couple years ago, I became interested in collecting information about the custombucker (and other) pickups used in the Collectors Choice line. I created a spreadsheet on google docs for keeping track of the info and making it publicly available. At the suggestion of another member here, I'm...
  8. LeonC

    Video featuring Greenie

    Stumbled across this yesterday. Boy...what a guitar!
  9. LeonC

    '54 Oxblood reissue owners - weight?

    My impression is that not many of these come in under 9 lbs. What does yours weigh? (I'm not talking about the Jeff Beck aged and signed guitars, just the "regular" custom shop models.)
  10. LeonC

    Interesting amp build

  11. LeonC

    Interesting amp build

    duplicate thread
  12. LeonC

    Clip - Dutchburst CC into 6G2 clone

    I built this Princeton (brown) 6G2 clone about 4 or 5 years ago and had it in a 1x12 cab most of the time. Yesterday, I put it in a 1x10 cab that I built for my Harvard clone with an Alessandro SC64 speaker and man...really sounded like a great match to me. Here's a clip of a CC Dutchburst into...
  13. LeonC

    FS: Dearmond R15T replica

    This is a clone of the Dearmond R15T amp. I built it with Mercury's outstanding "tone clone" transformers. I've owned a couple of the originals and modeled this after them to the extent possible. Some of the original parts are no longer available, e.g., 350K pots, so I sifted through a lot of...
  14. LeonC

    Tell me about your 54 - 56 Les Paul Custom reissue

    I'm interested in hearing about these guitars and how they compare to late 50s LP reissues (with humbuckers and rosewood fretboards). I'm specifically interested in hearing about the models with a staple top + P90 and an ABR (rather than wrap or bigsby) type bridge/stop tail. Here's what I'm...
  15. LeonC

    Do you remember when...

    ...entertainment consisted of sitting around with your friends and just listening to records??? Damn...that was a looooooong time ago.
  16. LeonC

    Love my CC#14! Live performance video

    I'm just crazy about my Collector's Choice #14 (it's the "Waddy Wachtel guitar"). Super light, resonant, comfortable, plays great and I just love the sound. It's got plenty of midrange growl, but it cleans up sooo nicely and has so much funky spunk. Thing can sound like a Tele when I want it to...
  17. LeonC

    Fanny burst?

    Since Beat-Club posted some of their old Fanny footage a little while back, I've had all kinds of Fanny vids popping up in my youtube "feed." Anyone else notice this lately? Anyway, I wonder if anyone knows anything about the lineage of June Millington's burst? It appears to have been modded...
  18. LeonC

    The coolest old amp I ever encountered - the National Professional 1299 (Valco!)

    It's a 1956 National model 1299, the top dog in their "Professional" line of amps. In all my years scouring the web for Valcos, this is the only one like this I've seen. I have a friend in PA who owns one and sent me photos of his about 8 or 9 yeas ago; it's the only one I've ever seen or heard...
  19. LeonC

    Why did you buy a collector's choice guitar?

    I imagine there is a wide variety of reasons. I imagine some people were looking for a copy of a specific guitar and hoped their CC would be close. Probably some just like the idea of getting a LP that's speced like an old one and/or looks and feels "worn in." Some folks probably really like...
  20. LeonC

    Collectors Choice pickup info

    In the public specifications for various Collector's Choice models, Gibson typically identifies the type of pickups they've used. In a few models, they actually indicate the resistance of the pickups. I am curious, and I assume others would find it useful too, to know a bit more specific info...