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    Just bought a T-top and nearly necro’d a 12 year old topic, google you suck.

    I am presently customising one of my reissues in homage to the zep tone, my v2 neck 60th anni is getting a low output cream in the neck with an A3 mag in it, and a slightly hotter neck with a A2. Also twisting the input jack cover around 45 deg for version pre ’72, the other thing I want to do...
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    whats this weird color on the neck?

    have a look, see what you make of it.
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    heads up dodgy seller in UK.

    all sorted.
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    Caps, the truth is out there.

    Did a bit of research as was after a .015uf cap, basically wondering if electronic shops sell interesting caps at less cost than the boutique makers. I found this very interesting article: http://zerocapcable.com/?page_id=224 so any cap in spec will sound the same. Good to know.
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    Short shaft cts pots.

    About 15 years ago I had the harebrained idea of fitting vintage parts to a les Paul standard, hadn’t really picked up on the whole historic thing at that time. So not really knowing what the hell I was doing I ordered 4 cts pots from an eBay seller in the ‘states, listed as removed from a 335...
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    Marshall Origin 5 - quart into pint pot

    Seeing how a lot of people seem to think the 8in speaker is not cool in a valve combo I decided to experiment with a 10in one. Had a look at a few celestions and picked a 16 ohm 10in creamback. Bit of a rough and ready 'proof of concept' so far. back of speaker just clears the main chassis. But...