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    Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard 335

    Has anyone had the chance to check out the Brazilian Board 335's at Chicago Music Exchange? I was not aware that the custom shop was doing them but CME has some.
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    Help with original tuner tip

    The day has finally come where I have broken my second tuner tip on my vintage tuners from my Dave Johnson replica Les Paul and I need to go ahead and replace them all. Can someone help me acquire a full set of Uncle Lou's Premium buttons or steer me in the direction of the best option.
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    Princeton Reverb with EV SRO15

    Years ago I read an article in the ToneQuest Report about matching a Princeton Reverb with an EV SRO 15 for amazing results. Well I had a 73 PR but no EV SRO 15 but based on the article I decided to see if I could come up with something close. I contacted Larry Rodgers to see if he could build...
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    Shooting gold on a 69

    I'm doing a top finish only on this 69 that showed up with the original finish sanded off. It looks pretty good in gold. Here it is with the gold and the first coat of clear. After the binding is scraped and now comes the fun part of matching the binding color to the rest of the aged binding.
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    I switch from blond to brunet

    I decided to refin my blond Warmoth Tele replica on a whim and I really like how it turned out. After I saw the Welcome to Nerdville video of Joe's 2-tone Tele it reminded me of the one I had an opportunity to see a few years back and I thought why not. I also did a swap on the neck pick up to a...
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    Fixing a Warren Haynes limited ES335

    I had a Gibson Warren Haynes ES335 limited edition #119/500 land in my hands to re-finish a not so pretty repair and paint finish. I received the guitar after the head-stock break had been effectively doweled and re-glued. It had also been stripped so all I had to do is match the colors of the...
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    Homage to Frank and Baby Snakes

    I have a customer that sent me this really cool SG that is a nod to Frank's Baby Snakes SG for finishing. I know it is not standard SG fare with it's Redwood back and fancy Walnut top but it sure is going to be a beauty. I'm interested in what your thoughts are for a great set of pickups for it.
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    My beloved Dave Johnson replica has real 59 tuners on it that have been dipped in CA to help maintain the integrity of the brittle plastic and I am very careful on string changes to only hand wind new strings on the post, but one finally cracked right in half. I have some Uncle Lou's...
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    Joe B. with an ES350T

    I love the in your face nasty tone he gets on his ES350T. I can't believe that thing did not feed back like crazy coming out of those amps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oPa-bRKtsc
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    Sean's Gold Top

    After seeing that wonderful interview with Edwin Wilson and the lengths the custom shop goes to to recreate the CC's and the guitars like the Page #1 I would like to place a request. Gibson; please get your hands on Sean Costello's 53 Gold Top and recreate the magic of that beauty. From what I...
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    Deep Dish Classic

    I have always liked the dish profile on my 1992 Classic Premium Plus and it really showed up well in a few pictures I took yesterday so I thought I'd post them. The pickups are PG102 LTD from ThroBak along with Lux Bumblebee caps and RS Guitar Works pots, which make for a screaming little...
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    Not for sale!

    An acquaintance of mine through work inherited this beauty from his father last year. Unfortunately it is not for sale since it is a family heirloom, which is the way it should be. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream someday I get the call to send some cash his way. I thought you all would...
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    1959 ES 350T

    Here are some pictures of my 59 ES 350T. It has all the original parts with the exception of a few replaced tuners buttons, frets, and the nut. The amp is an old warhorse 57 Vibrolux and the Stand-Alone Reverb was custom built by Ron Veil of Uncle Spot Amps. I always use the reverb if I...
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    Yellow Dye

    Does anyone know what yellow dye Gibson is currently using on the sunburst?
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    Need help on ES345

    Hey all you ES 345 experts I need your help and advise. I was given this guitar by a friend whose parents found it along with several other basket case guitars in a garbage dumpster. The pictures tell the story, somebody cut off the neck, stripped it of all the electronics, hardware, and then...