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  1. wernerg

    Under-Appreciated: The Les Paul Studio with M III Electronics

    I would argue that Gibson's M-III electronics are hugely misunderstood, under-appreciated and under-valued. This Les Paul Studio has all the appointments of a Standard: sunburst finish, maple cap with nice top carve, bound rosewood board and two humbuckers. But: with a flick of a switch, you...
  2. wernerg

    1980 Les Paul Heritage Elite

    For your viewing pleasure (and to entice MikeSlub to post pictures of his Heritage 80, Elite, and Heritage Award guitars), here are some recent pictures of the first ever Gibson Les Paul Standard I ever bought. I am the original owner of this guitar. If it weren't for changed tuner scars...
  3. wernerg

    NVGD - ES-345 "First Rack"

    Today, I became a "First Rack Believer": 1959 ES-345 (TDSV) with PAFs ("short-leg" bridge), thin top, mono conversion in 2014). This guitar came directly from OK Guitars, and it goes without saying that Charlie's representation of the guitar, and his support of the transaction lived up to his...
  4. wernerg

    Vintage Case Advice Needed

    [Mods - please bump me to another section if inappropriate here ] A long time ago, the LPF used to have a four letter acronym for vintage case experts, which I will not repeat here, out of respect for inclusion and diversity ;-) ... but if you are an expert on vintage cases, I am looking for...
  5. wernerg

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    I've had this 1955 TV Special (5116xx) for about 25 years, and am considering letting go of it. Would love to hear your opinions. To me, this guitar has always been a great player-grade TV Special, maybe candidate for a re-neck by someone who knows what they're doing, and has access to a good...
  6. wernerg

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    I just sold a vintage Les Paul on Reverb, and buyer paid immediately via Reverb. However, he says he is not in the U.S., and I am to ship to his "shipping agent" in Oregon. Is this legit? Is there any way he can accept the guitar and cancel the payment? In the past, for that same guitar, I...
  7. wernerg

    Tailpiece moved back on my '55 LP Junior?

    I've had this late 1955 Les Paul Junior since 2012, and it is exactly as I bought it from Gary Dick almost 10 years ago. I love its P-90 tone, as well as the way it plays. Intonation is as good as you would expect from this kind of tailpiece. I notice that prior to me buying it, the bridge had...
  8. wernerg

    pics of cotrol cavity of original '58 Flying Vs

    Hello original V owners and fans, can anybody please post a picture of an original '58 V control cavity? (caps and all) Also, I am assuming that given the vintage (1958) of the PAFs, all '58 Vs were shipped with double blacks? Thanks in advance Werner
  9. wernerg

    Magellan in all its glory

    several years after I got to meet Principal Skinner in person at Arlington, I got to hold Magellan in all its glory tonight at the Baked Potato in North Hollywood. Joe was kind enough to share some details (double-creams, bridge PAF cover unmolested, recent refret, but pristine in every other...
  10. wernerg

    Henry J on NPR: "Gibson is so much more than guitars"

    For those of who who don't have Kai Ryssdal (host of NPR's show "Marketplace") as their favorite companion on your afternoon commute back from work, here's our favorite CEO talking about Gibson's new showcase customer center in LA, and the value of the Gibson brands...
  11. wernerg

    JB showing some vintage P90 Love!

    Coming from the man who wanted to convert his '68GT because it didn't have humbuckers, there's an awful lot of P90 love in the trailer / Press Kit of the upcoming Beth Hart / JB live DVD: Apart from this pristine looking '52, there's a cherry DC Junior and a TV Special featured...
  12. wernerg

    Mint Condition '55 Special "Wheat" Finish (?)

    I was contacted by the owner of a dead-mint-looking 1955 LP Special, to give an opinion as to the Wheat finish's originality vs. refin. He referenced an eBay auction from 2011...
  13. wernerg

    '65 ES 335 destroyed by Delta Airlines

    well, I am not sure what the damage to the guitar was, but the case sure looked like it was shredded: http://www.cnn.com/video/?hpt=hp_c3#/video/us/2013/01/08/tsr-pkg-moos-airline-smashes-guitar.cnn
  14. wernerg

    Concerto for 'Burst and Orchestra

    it was the year 1969 ... a brave young Hammond B3 player by the name of Jon Lord had the audacity to test the boundaries of what was then "pop music" and "serious" (classical) music. His counterpart was a classical composer and conductor (Malcolm Arnold, later Sir Malcolm) who tried to meet him...
  15. wernerg

    CC#6 - thin headstock veneer or over-polished?

    I am loving every minute of playing time of my CC#6 SN21 One of the (many) things that strikes me as being unique is that from the player's angle, the headstock looks almost like it has a cherry red binding around it. This is because the edges of the headstock are showing more of the cherry...
  16. wernerg

    Collector's Choice 6 #21

    The last factory-new Les Paul I bought was on December 29, 1980 - my beloved Heritage Elite. Now, almost 32 years later, thanks to the outstanding professional courtesy of Steve Mesple at Wildwood Guitars, and the inspiring commitment to Gibson guitars of Mike Slubowski, I welcome the latest...
  17. wernerg

    Bonamassa 'Burst Content in "Guitar Aficionado"

    [sorry, if this has been discussed before, but for whatever reason, my "Search" function doesn't work] While browsing at a local book store (remember those?) I noticed Rick Nielsen's famous grin on the cover of "Guitar Aficionado" (Vol 4 / No. 3). Inside, there is a pictorial of our favorite...
  18. wernerg

    1955 LP Junior - Tone Machine and Best Relic Job EVER!

    I am very, very happy with my latest acquisition, a '55 sunburst Junior! Not mint, but with the best relic job ever, using a technique called "57 years of honest wear and tear". No breaks, other than the repair of "leaning bridge post syndrome"; something I can easily live with. Thank you, all...
  19. wernerg

    BCC3 - "Afterglow" - New Music and Old Guitars!

    I am taking a day off from work on Tuesday, October 30th: That's the day the new Black Country Communion album, entitled "Afterglow" is going to be released. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=178582 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgfDppDzLXA...
  20. wernerg

    Joe Bonamassa's new '57 GT?

    the following picture was just tweeted by Joe B's more company for the Bursts?