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  1. J T

    Grace under fire....

    Awesome! Congratulations! Done!
  2. J T

    Shipping a Les Paul advice.

    This helps https://www.stewmac.com/video-and-ideas/trade-secrets/how-to-properly-pack-a-guitar-for-shipping/
  3. J T

    Switch for 1981 solid body ES-335

    This might be ... https://www.parts-express.com/DPDT-Mini-Paddle-Switch-Center-Off-060-540 or maybe these guys https://guitarelectronics.com/electronic-parts/switches-pickups-selectors/mini-switches/
  4. J T

    Current pedal set up....

    Cool pedals, men. Ha the classic argument of is it Tremelo or is it vibrato? Is it a blue dress or is it a gold dress? Is it Laurel or Yanni? Questions left for the ages I suppose. But I think the trem vs vib question goes all the way back to Mr. Leo F mis-namining his wammy arm a tremelo. He...
  5. J T

    1959 & 1960 ES330's.

    :LOL: I'll require POSH accommodations for the voyage. I'll need to speak to the Captain about that.
  6. J T

    1959 & 1960 ES330's.

    Those are cool. one for each hand oh do I see a Banker guitar lurking?
  7. J T

    Nice Weather Is Here! Anyone Else Taking Out the Summer Car or Bike?

    Finished 12,000 meters on a hot and humid morning. whew! This is just before I put it away for the day.
  8. J T

    2020 ES-339 in action

    Hey Don, what did HM do to your 339?
  9. J T

    2020 ES-339 in action

    I have a 1st run 339. It's a great guitar! I have one with the 59 neck. (The phone flash made the fretboard look funky. It doesn't look like that.)
  10. J T

    Ben Franklin wasn't a very good Founding Father...

    Beyond all the things that have gone into the folklore realm like inventor, journalist, Franklin was the first American diplomat. He was a shmoozer. He traveled between the colonies and France and got France to give support for American independence. He had true diplomatic skills and convinced...
  11. J T

    R7 before and after Fret Doctor

    The Beafifer (Fret Dr) site has a few words on darkening a fretboard. "Darkening" Your Board A very frequent comment I hear is that "Fret Doctor darkens my board nicely!" Over time, with exposure to air, light, humidity, and wear and tear, the board faded. The Fret Doctor simply...
  12. J T

    Strap recommendation for LP Standard

    El Dorado Straps are cool.
  13. J T

    Custom Shop Years to Avoid?

    If you like the guitar, it was made in a good year.
  14. J T

    1959 ES-345 TDN plugged into 1961 Fender Super and 1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb

    Uh oh, don't let Joe B see that. He will to be knocking at your door.
  15. J T

    Tall black pickup rings?

    I see Mojoaxe has them listed, but I haven't ordered from them in a while. http://www.mojoaxe.com
  16. J T

    Tall black pickup rings?

    I got a set from RS a while back. I don't know if they still make them.
  17. J T

    R7 before and after Fret Doctor

    I've been using that for years on the rosewood and ebony. Works great. I only use a few drops, rub it to get in all the dry spots, lets it sit for a few, and rub it off. The wood does not feel slimy or sticky afterwards. Fret Dr. is the best stuff out there. Funny how there is so much...
  18. J T

    Joni an Jaco

    Definitely a Super Group.
  19. J T

    Joni an Jaco

    Joni Mitchell has a true artist's mind. She absolutely sees the world from a different viewpoint and has the ability to express that through music. A remarkable person indeed. I've met a few people like that over the years and in conversations with them and you know they are special. Dave Eggar...
  20. J T

    Shaffer trail Mohab 2021 Mini

    Those are tight corners. Anything big on that would have a tough time.