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  1. k3ith99

    NGD - 2018 R9

    Great looking R9. Can't believe you were able to have it sitting there so close and for so long w/o playing it. I would have gone crazy.
  2. k3ith99

    NGD: 2020 Bourbon Burst R8

    That is one nice looking R8. Congratulations.
  3. k3ith99

    NGD - 60th Anniversary R0

    Thank you. I smile every time I open the JP case.
  4. k3ith99

    NGD - 60th Anniversary R0

    It is a VOS #1. I got pretty lucky in that the shop had just unboxed it and put it out on display shortly before I walked in. I only played it for a minute or two before buying it.
  5. k3ith99

    NGD - 60th Anniversary R0

    Just picked up a 60th Anniversary R0 V1 to go with my '59 Jimmy Page LP. Feels great, plays great, sounds great. And you have to love that new guitar/case smell.
  6. k3ith99

    I bought my first Gibson 1959 Historic Les paul last week!!! But...

    I also say forget about it and just play it. It just got its first character mark. They all eventually get them if played. And congratulations on your LP.
  7. '61 SG Standard Reissue w Maestro

    '61 SG Standard Reissue w Maestro

  8. IMG_1457.JPG


    '61 SG Standard Reissue
  9. k3ith99

    NGD - Murphy Lab ES335

    That's a very nice one. Congratulations on your new friend.
  10. k3ith99

    2014 Derek Trucks SG

    I just sold a '79 strat and am in buying mode. Everything else I have, except for maybe an acoustic or two, I'm keeping.
  11. k3ith99

    2014 Derek Trucks SG

    I'm still looking. I'm also looking at a few Firebirds and other SG's. It's a never ending hunt/chase. Why are you thinking of selling yours?
  12. k3ith99

    2014 Derek Trucks SG

    Well, looks like the prices on them might be going up. There were two listings for them, each over 2,200, and now they are both gone.
  13. k3ith99

    2014 Derek Trucks SG

    Thanks for the reply. That's kind of what I figured. The seller is asking a lot more than that but I'll see how much he's willing to come down in price.
  14. k3ith99

    2014 Derek Trucks SG

    hmm, ok, I guess I'll have to see if I can get a better idea of value or just pass.
  15. k3ith99

    2014 Derek Trucks SG

    I am hoping to get some input on this because I truly do not know what this is worth. I am interested in buying a 2014 Derek Trucks SG. It looks like it is in real good condition with maybe some minor light scratches and surface buckle rash. Frets look good. Nice dark fretboard. Comes with...
  16. k3ith99

    First time poster, my dream R9!

    Very nice!! That must make you smile every time you walk by or play it.
  17. k3ith99

    NGD. Murphy Wildwood R9

    I love these pics. Nicest things I've seen all day.