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  1. duaneflowers

    Seriously... Laurel vs Yanny?

    1) Not to cause (another) divide... but which do you hear? Yanny or Laurel? For background... the original recording is found at vocabulary.com: https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/laurel 53% of folks hear Laurel while 57% hear Yanni... Now on to Part 2 of this, which is what I'm most...
  2. duaneflowers

    A Tale of Seven Fiddles

    Once upon a time there were seven guitars that, due to their vintage wire pickups, managed to get into a photo together somewhere in the wintry cold rural boondocks of Japan. First was a 2006 50th Anniversary 1956 Reissue VOS Yamano Spec Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with Rewind Electric P90 pickups...
  3. duaneflowers


    ​The clock has struck midnight... its official... 2020 is here!!!! Wishing each and everyone of you a very special new year... may all your dreams come true... now and always!!!
  4. duaneflowers


    Great news!!! If passed it looks like rosewood will no longer require CITES for musical instruments and parts... :salude https://www.namm.org/ISSUES-AND-ADVOCACY/REGULATORY-COMPLIANCE/CITES?fbclid=IwAR2E9dlRxN36N7tPbldrilmnEbGVgYEmAc6wxcWg4hfjGCwVWw9sjf8oGlc
  5. duaneflowers

    Sandy heads to China

    I didn't realize Sandy was on the chopping block... Mason seems like a good guy and I hope she enjoys her new home in Taiwan...
  6. duaneflowers

    Anyone digging their Bernie book yet?

    Some really amazing pics within for sure!!!
  7. duaneflowers

    Beast Output?

    Recently (re)ran into this info about the Beast: Sometimes small accidents make an instrument what it is. When Bernie Marsden visited the Gibson plant, he talked to an elderly woman who wound the pickups for Gibson. When he asked her about the secret of the very high output of her pickups, the...
  8. duaneflowers

    Ovaltone Nue Device Caps?

    Anyone try these? Anyone heard of them? Lemme start with a few pix... So these drop in the guitar in place of the caps... but they are not really caps... the changes are such that it can't really even be called a capacitor anymore... more like an inner circuit device or a passive...
  9. duaneflowers

    Green Manalishi Caps - Anyone try them?

    At $36 a cap I thought the responsible thing would be to ask before buying... :hmm Ratings · Rated voltage: 630 Vdc · Withstand voltage: 1260 V (rated voltage × 200%) · Capacitance: 0.01 μF, 0.022 μF, 0.047 μF · Tolerance: ± 10% (K) · Operating temperature range: -25 to + 85 ° C
  10. duaneflowers

    Hisatake Shibuya Collection

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Hisatake Shibuya's Burst collection... information on it and a connection to the man himself have proven to be rather difficult to track down. I tried to get a hold of him for some pix for BB4 to no avail. He is the founder of ESP Guitars and...
  11. duaneflowers

    New Duane Allman Clone Pups from Wizz

    PSA: Anyone wanting to release their inner Duane (the other one) might want to have a look at the new Duane Allman pups announced today from Wizz... they are hotttttttt!!! :salude http://www.wizz-pickups.net/signature-series-pickups
  12. duaneflowers

    Love those tag sale finds... only $1

    Don't recall seeing this here, but I got a chuckle out of it so I thought I'd pass it on...
  13. duaneflowers

    Duane's Cherry Burst Neck Break

    Any details floating around about the neck break on the cherry burst? I know hot 'lanta was broke and repaired before Duane took possession, but the info about the cherry in BB3 is news to me.... Anyone got the skinny? :hmm
  14. duaneflowers

    Is this the end of the road for tube amps?

    Seems the EU is planning a ban on valves... perhaps a good reason to go ahead and check out those ss/modelers/profilers before the price increase... :spabout https://www.gearnews.com/eu-ban-vacuum-tubes-1st-january-2019/ It was on the Internet so it must be true... :hee
  15. duaneflowers

    Collector's Choice #47

    Anyone have any information about the 1964 Firebird III chosen as the first Firebird Collector's Choice Model?
  16. duaneflowers

    1st Donna Spotted in Japan

    #11... not too shabby at all!!! :jim And #32 just popped up as well...
  17. duaneflowers

    Did Goldie Ever Have Double Whites?

    Coulda swore I saw a picture of her with double white/cream bobbins... can anyone confirm or deny this? :hmm
  18. duaneflowers

    NPD - OTPG

    I haven't done a new pickup day in a while... perhaps it took something out of the ordinary to get me motivated and these certainly fill the bill... Thanks to a forum bruddha for deciding to part with them and until I get around to installing them and putting them through their paces I'll let...
  19. duaneflowers

    Any Fellow Divers Out There?

    I just registered my latest Gibson online and noticed the scuba diving tickbox under interests. I gathered it must have a pretty high correlation to merit its own tickbox as many other popular hobbies must be relegated to the 'other' tickbox. So, hands up... who else dives? I was recently whale...