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  1. JoeC

    Factory Burst v. Deep Cherry v. Tomato Soup Burst

    In 1959 Music Stores complained that LPs faded before their eyes sitting in the window. My hunch is a V1 Deep Cherry is an extra coat of paint or perhaps they added more red as a first attempt to correct the problem (at the time). Tomato Soup was a new formula. Is a tangerine burst a slightly...
  2. JoeC

    Murphy's Lab

    A Heavy Aged Firebird - might as well buy vintage for that price. - Discuss.... I get the draw on some of these aged guitars but have a hard time paying the extra money. They look cool but aging should fit to your own wear and tear...
  3. JoeC

    Did covid-19 increase the value of the 1960 60th Anniversary LP?

    Hello All, I decided to trade in my 2014 R8 for the 1959 or 1960 60th V1 Anniversary. I have heard so much on how the anniversary guitars are the closest thing to the real thing. I recently played a vintage 59 LP back to back with the 60 Anniversary and I have to say extremely close. I also...