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  1. harleytech

    Had to do it.

    FWIW... - I like PG's on Les Pauls... YMMV...
  2. harleytech

    Let's Talk Custom Shop

    Here's my 2020 63' Journeyman Relic in Sonic Blue... Fit , Finish, Playability everything is just perfect ! I love it ! A 2 piece Alder body sorted for light weight: 7 lbs 8 oz - A quarter-sawn maple neck and AAA Rosewood Fingerboard... Handwound 60's Spec pickups... Which sound fantastic...
  3. harleytech

    The Fender Forum's Lounge

    What's up guy's..
  4. harleytech

    Nicest R8 you've seen?

    My 2020 58' Lemon Burst of course... But I'm biased... Lol
  5. harleytech

    Which Bumblebee Replica? Luxe vs Emerson

    Emerson's don't look right to me...
  6. harleytech

    Jimmy Page : The Anthology

    Yep... Just got it from Amazon...
  7. harleytech

    Recent R9s / R8s with darker "wine red" back color

    My 2020 R8 has the same type of dark back also... I kind of like it though... It looks like a dark back on a Gold top kind of...
  8. harleytech

    Who sold more Les Pauls?

    Jimmy Page !
  9. harleytech

    Better tone changing the bridge post?

    Like I said , My Reissue sounds great the way it is... Stock ! I'm not ready to go down that rabbit hole and then end up right back where I started.. I myself don't think it's gonna be that noticeable... Changing to brass that is... JMHO...
  10. harleytech

    9s or 10s on your Les Paul?

    10's on my Gibson and Fenders and 11's on my ES... 2/21/21 - Edit : I might be going to 9's on the Gibson's soon...
  11. harleytech

    Better tone changing the bridge post?

    I can't tell why Gibson uses them ,But you can get the brass posts and thumbwheels and replace them if you want - No big deal - a lot of people do... These guys have them : https://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com/ I have a 2020 58' reissue and mine are stock... The guitar sounds fine to me...
  12. harleytech

    Better tone changing the bridge post?

    Those inserts are the wrong ones then... Those are for converting a Nashville bridge to a ABR1 bridge and for a guitar with metal inserts.
  13. harleytech

    Why LP ‘59 is the “holy grail” vs a LP ‘60?

    I am partial to the 58'... I never really jumped on the "oh you have to get a 59' bandwagon" I like the fatter neck... JMHO... I am talking reissue's here just to clarify... Never had the pleasure to play the real ones...
  14. harleytech

    Guild F-512 From Wildwood

    Very Nice ! I want one !
  15. harleytech

    Gary Moore with John Mayhall and a Burst...

    One of my favorite guitarist's Gary Moore - RIP -We miss you... :salude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwc7ZEYfWYc&start_radio=1&list=RDdwc7ZEYfWYc