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  1. Ivan May

    J Geils 1958 Flying V

    You got good taste in cars, man.
  2. Ivan May

    Some pictures of my Epiphone Les Paul

    Who are you, Dr. Doom?
  3. Ivan May

    Should I purchase a Guild 12 string acoustic guitar?

    It’s a free country. Sell a Guild if you want
  4. Ivan May

    J Geils 1958 Flying V

    Geils also played that Gibson Flying V in this performance of House Party from 1977: I wish I had been born back then. J Geils was a good concert band.
  5. Ivan May

    J. Geils Vox Teardrop electric guitar

    I know you guys are sick of me posting about J. Geils, but I purchased the Morning After and Sanctuary albums at a record store today. Saw on the back of the Sanctuary album that J. Geils was playing a Vox Teardrop electric guitar. When did he acquire this guitar, what albums/tracks did he use...
  6. Ivan May

    Ben Franklin wasn't a very good Founding Father...

    Maybe Ben Franklin was the first rock star. I don’t know what goes on in that man,s head!
  7. Ivan May

    R.I.P. J. Geils

    I respect your opinion on J Geils. And I'm a 20 year old and I like J Geils.
  8. Ivan May

    Ben Franklin wasn't a very good Founding Father...

    Ben Franklin was a pretty good guy, and I don't want to cause irreversible damage to his reputation or to his estate's representation. But I didn't really think he was influential as, say, Confucius or Thomas Jefferson. I like that Ben Franklin patented a lot of inventions, and made everyday...
  9. Ivan May

    R.I.P. J. Geils

    I miss J. Geils, Not sure about anyone else, but he was an underrated guitarist. Monkey Island and Bloodshot are fantastic records. Was listening to them as I was writing this post. But my copy of Bloodshot is pressed on black vinyl instead of red. Maybe it was a repress? He also played a blue...
  10. Ivan May

    Paul Kantner of Jefferson Starship playing a white Gibson Les Paul

    And here is a clip of Fast Buck Freddie with Paul Kantner and Craig Chaquico on their Les Paul twin guitar attacks:
  11. Ivan May

    Roger Fisher's Double-Neck Is For Sale

    That’s what I was wondering
  12. Ivan May

    Roger Fisher's Double-Neck Is For Sale

    Roger Fisher is a great guitarist, and I would like to know who owns that Roger Fisher double neck guitar now. His Fender Stratocaster and Magic Man Gibson Les Paul got auctioned off a few years ago too.
  13. Ivan May

    Jimmy McCulloch—the sad ending of his guitar playing tenure

    He was also an Epiphone player. And a few Gibson Firebird guitars: And a Gibson Flying V
  14. Ivan May

    Jaco Caraco playing a Gibson Les Paul

    He also played a Gibson Flying V in this video:
  15. Ivan May

    The Supertramp-Burst

    He did use a Strat. My guess is Morley pedals. I know he used Fender Twin Reverb, Gibson, Marshall like amps, and a Fender Bassman amp, as well as a Roland Jazz Chorus and Mu Tron Pedal.
  16. Ivan May

    The Supertramp-Burst

    Someone already posted that Roger Hodgson Gibson LP Picture, but it was used (along with the finger cymbals) on the Munich Famous Last Words tour. He also played Guild 12 string acoustic guitars, a Music Man Ernie Ball Steve Lukather model electric guitar, and a Natural, alienated Fender...
  17. Ivan May

    Roger Hodgson - Take The Long Way Home (Live 2016)

    Roger Hodgson played a natural, modified Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul. But seriously, Supertramp was insanely good. Crime of the Century is a must have for any collection. The guitar tone on that one just blows you away. And School is good too. He also played Guild 12 string...
  18. Ivan May

    Tal Bachman playing a Gibson Les Paul

    Not sure if anybody knows about him, but he is the son of Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive guitarist Randy Bachman, and the nephew of drummer Robbie Bachman. Tal Bachman had a small but classic hit in 1999 called She’s So High. I love that song. So much so that I wound up buying a copy of...
  19. Ivan May

    Randy Bachman's historic 7/23/2011

    Randy Bachman has had back pain for several years, but he is a great guitarist. Randy Bachman and Robbie Robertson are some of the best Canadian guitarist who ever lived. Here is Tal Bachman with that Les Paul (this photo was taken in 2005 at a concert in New Jersey)
  20. Ivan May

    Bachman Burst

    Randy Bachman dumped a lot of his Les Paul stuff. Moved on to Rickenbacker, Gretsch and Fender Stratocaster stuff instead. Here is a picture of Tal Bachman with a Les Paul