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  1. wmachine

    Should I purchase a Guild 12 string acoustic guitar?

    Absolutely yes, buy one. I'll give you my address to use as your "ship to".
  2. wmachine

    Interesting interview - Alice Cooper on the passing of Glen Campbell

    I'll have to watch this later. I knew they were close friends later in life. Not only were they an unlikely duo, who ever would have thought it would be Glen that would ultimately die from "drug" (alcohol) abuse.
  3. wmachine

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    No, scammers don't use Reverb. They all take a vow at scammer school to make Reverb off limits. Truth is that scammers are at epidemic levels in every imaginable place, and a lot of unimaginable places. So unfortunately, that forces "us" to take precautionary measures that unfortunately...
  4. wmachine

    Marshall 2555X's

    I can agree here too. Forums generally tend to lose objectivity and talk about good and bad not acknowledging the difference between objectivity and subjectivity. It is easy to see this mix-up when it comes to color ("that color sucks"), but far too often opinions/likes/dislikes are stated as...
  5. wmachine

    Thoughts on ES-355 1959 Reissue

    The pups. Lucille (at least the 2016s) has 490 R/T pups. I thought at first that Gibson cheaped out on the pups. Until I played it. Then I understood. They work really good. Yes, of course for bluesy music. But the best kept secret about them is that they are volume and gain monsters...
  6. wmachine

    Marshall 2555X's

    Sorry, no slight intended. There is a big misconception, though, about the speakers being Vintage 30 and understandably so. So any mention of comparison to Vintage 30s is not a valid comparison. Those that have compared them to Vintage 30s say they are a world better with the Jube. I had...
  7. wmachine

    Marshall 2555X's

    Apparently you do not know those are not Vintage 30 speakers you are looking at. Those are Vintage speakers MIE., and only come in those OEM cabs. A whole different animal. Absolutely no reason to look at anything else.
  8. wmachine

    2020 Gibson Quality

    It is understandable why some don't like the sound with the nylon saddles. But to be fair to Gibson, their goal was to make an accurate reissue, and that they did. If you don't like them with the nylon saddles, you won't like and original '63/''64 either. This is just a matter of preference...
  9. wmachine

    Gibson ES335 (2021) - QC issues?

    Thanks, that is a very specific report. Much more meaningful than most complaints. And those are what I would call "real" issues. When production moved from Memphis, the higher end models were to come out of the Custom Shop and the lower end from Gibson USA. So any reissues now comes out of...
  10. wmachine

    Thoughts on ES-355 1959 Reissue

    I'll continue the BB King tribute. That's why my "355" of choice is a Lucille. Pictures don't do it justice. It is stunning.
  11. wmachine

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    I honestly don't have a favorite. "I don't play favorites". So it would be a shame to have a favorite and not play it............ Seriously, I can tell you the one I like the least is the ES-LP. Sure it is a low end model. And there really is nothing wrong with it, but it just doesn't bring...
  12. wmachine

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    A '64 ES-345 TDC Maestro, ES-335 Premiere Figured Faded Burst, ES-335 Studio Ginger Burst, 2016 Lucille, ES-LP Special, and last but not least in a fluke deal. a 2015 '54 ES-175D Dark Burst .
  13. wmachine

    Thoughts on ES-355 1959 Reissue

    You've got a good reason to get another one. But you don't need it (the reason, not the guitar!)
  14. wmachine

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    That's why I asked. I'm not familiar with earlier reissues, but I'm under the impression (and my limited experience) that the newer (2015 and newer) reissues, especially with the MHS pups pretty much nailed it for vintage sound. And yes, they were criticized for not being bright enough, but as...
  15. wmachine

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    Bit surprised at that. What was the problem?
  16. wmachine

    1987 Gibson have a kahler tremolo???

    I don't know about 1987, but I know some earlier '80s units were Gibson branded Kahlers.
  17. wmachine

    anyone else hate the VOS finish ?

    As for Murphy's Lab and that type of product goes, to me it is nothing less than proving PT Barnum was right. I call that turding a polish. And I also find it sadly amusing how seriously it is taken.
  18. wmachine

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    Exactly. And that is exactly what happened to me as told in post #13.
  19. wmachine

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    Just some advice here. Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.
  20. wmachine

    Replacement NAMM '67 Flying V has arrived... not good news

    Actually, I like the fixing the original board option better. Glad it worked out.