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  1. Curious Mike

    which decade is this R8 serial number from?

    I'm looking at an LP plaintop, serial number 871047, Is it a 2007? Thanks for any insight!...Mike
  2. Curious Mike

    Barry Bailey's pancake LP

    Here's a video of ARS from back in the seventies, check out Barry Baileys LP at 4:44 It almost looks like a maple neck with black inlays..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XqDVBBVX4I
  3. Curious Mike

    Trade Black Hawks for Stormy Monday Bare knuckles

    Anybody need a little hotter sound? These are great for fusion or metal, I'm more into blues...My new used guitar came with these installed... SOLD
  4. Curious Mike

    Comparison 2009 Studio/ 2013 LP Custom

    Hi folks, I'm surprised by the lack of sound from my LP Custom when unplugged, compared to my 09 Studio, which is a pound and a half lighter. Are the Customs known to be less acoustic?..Mike Someday I'll learn how to turn the photo