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  1. duaneflowers

    Anyone using Sigil humbuckers?

    I have a couple sets of Sigils as well and I like them a lot... Dave's a really nice guy as well!!
  2. duaneflowers

    Wizz Pickups Duane Allman Cherryburst / Goldtop - Layla / Fillmore PAFs sound or video clips?

    I'm a giant fan of the Wizz Laylas... I've got 2 sets done in vintage 50s wire that are my all time favorite aftermarket pups. One set in a Y2K Murphy Aged Yamano Spec Goldtop and the other in an Aged Allman Sig Cherryburst. They are absolute tone monsters!!!! 🤩
  3. duaneflowers

    Mesa Fillmore - any experience here?

    No experience with the amps but Mesa put Fillmore Speakers in the King Snakes and they sound divine!!
  4. duaneflowers

    New pickup day

    Congrats!!! That looks absolutely killer with the Double Larrys!!!! I've got over 20 sets of Wizz Pups and I love every one of them!!!
  5. duaneflowers

    Wizz Hot Lanta Pickups

    I have a couple pedals from Missing Link Audio (Peacock & Statesboro) and they are really nice and highly recommended. As far as their pickups go, I don't know who Mason-Dixon is as they just came out last year, but the parts are off the shelf and they bear little resemblance to real PAFs. And...
  6. duaneflowers

    Wizz Hot Lanta Pickups

    I have a couple sets... they are amazing!! I love the Layla set as well and it's really fun going back and forth between the two. There aren't very many recordings of Duane playing 'Lanta, but in the usual suspects making the rounds Duane is on fire, so I do believe he was definitely inspired by...
  7. duaneflowers

    LPF Data Breach / Security Compromise ?

    Its not chrome... I got the same message on my iphone. It seems that after Apples 'forced' update last week they gave themselves axx to your passwords and now they are popping up all over the place. Google is doing the same thing... all part of the ongoing digital war where big tech is trying to...
  8. duaneflowers

    Neck humbucker suggestions.

    Wizz and Rewind both make some killer Jimmy Page sets, both pre and post 1972... so you might want to take a peek at them. In the meantime, if you're up for some tinkering I would try mixing and matching the ones you already have to see if you can find a combination you like. For the Epiphone...
  9. duaneflowers

    Upgrading a 2001 R7

    I believe '57 Classics first came out in '93 or '94 and the changes were made in '05 or '06. ish. ✌️
  10. duaneflowers

    Upgrading a 2001 R7

    Tom Holmes was a consultant for Gibson and he designed the 57 Classics. In the beginning, they followed his design, but in order to cut costs they changed to cheaper covers and changed from PE (plain enamel) wire to Poly (polyester). This change, of course, changed the tone considerably. So in...
  11. duaneflowers

    Upgrading a 2001 R7

    The formula used for 57 Classics changed in about 2005... before that they were a force to be reckoned with, but after that, not so much. An early set can be made to sound good, but the later ones just do now allow the guitar to do what it is capable of doing and I wouldn't waste my time trying...
  12. duaneflowers

    Boutique PAF war: Holmes - Throbak - Ox4

    Thanks for that!! I'm fascinated by this stuff. I recently toured the Pima Copper Mines near Tucson, AZ and learned all about the impurities and how even a tiny fraction of them can change the properties of the copper, which do exist even to this day (but to a much lower extent than in the 50s)...
  13. duaneflowers

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    Who is this and what have you done with Big Al? You are MUCH stronger than you think and the inspiration you have provided to SOOOOOO many here (and I'm sure elsewhere) is a testament to that. Draw strength from the fact that you have given strength to so many who are returning it a hundred fold...
  14. duaneflowers

    Seriously... Laurel vs Yanny?

    1) Not to cause (another) divide... but which do you hear? Yanny or Laurel? For background... the original recording is found at vocabulary.com: https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/laurel 53% of folks hear Laurel while 57% hear Yanni... Now on to Part 2 of this, which is what I'm most...
  15. duaneflowers

    A Tale of Seven Fiddles

    Once upon a time there were seven guitars that, due to their vintage wire pickups, managed to get into a photo together somewhere in the wintry cold rural boondocks of Japan. First was a 2006 50th Anniversary 1956 Reissue VOS Yamano Spec Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with Rewind Electric P90 pickups...
  16. duaneflowers


    ​The clock has struck midnight... its official... 2020 is here!!!! Wishing each and everyone of you a very special new year... may all your dreams come true... now and always!!!