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  1. el84ster

    Regular vs. historic juniors

    I just can't bring myself to pay the prices for an historic junior, so are the regular production jobbies good guitars too? Anyone with experience with the 2? I know there are some differences, different fingerboard wood, etc. But can a killer USA junior be had?
  2. el84ster

    1962 Pat # PAF pair

    1962 Pat # PAF Reduced again! ONE LEFT! $600 out the door! Bought from a well known and reputable dealer on the forum here. The one with the longer lead is sold but the shorter lead pickup is still for sale. The leads were cut short prior to my getting them (looks like someone cut them out...
  3. el84ster

    Current Pat. # pickup value?

    I've had a set of 1962 Pat. # pickups for a while, I was wondering what the current market value of these are? Double black wire, same as late PAFs. Any idea?
  4. el84ster

    TV Jones pickups?

    Has anyone tried TV jones pickups in their LPs? I've got a set of powertrons on the way for something different. I'm not sure how this is going to work. But I do love the sounds Rev. Billy G gets with his in his Billy Bo guitar! ...but that's kind of a hollowed out axe. I'll see how it goes...
  5. el84ster

    Matchless pedals?

    I recently picked up a Matchless Dirtbox and was pretty dang impressed with it! The internal construction is as rugged as it gets, insulation on every lead, etc. Anyway as incredibly righteous as this thing is, it got me wondering about the other Matchless pedals. Anyone else have any...
  6. el84ster

    How's this tone? R8 with PAFs

    I'm working on refining my sound, what's your opinion on my tone in this video? 2001 R8 with PAFs playing the lead here. Memorial day gig. Much better if you listen with headphones... Thanks! Here's the first part, I think this shows the tone better than the second video...
  7. el84ster

    Greatest thing you can do to improve your tone

    Man, I cannot believe how putting some genuine '50s long PAF magnets in my newer pickups sounds so killer! Every pickup I put them in sounded unreal. Those old magnets were the soul of the PAF sound IMO. The harmonics are increased like crazy! When my buddy heard it, he freaked out. He...
  8. el84ster

    Curing the finish...success at last!

    I have an '01 R8 and the finish has always been soft. After 8 years is still hadn't hardened up! 2 years ago I had to refinish the neck, I used some stew mac nitro and that stuff was hard as a rock in a year! The change in tone after just redoing the neck was pretty amazing too. So I decided...
  9. el84ster

    Another way the Rs may differ from the 50s

    I recently rewired my R8. I mean I took ALL the wiring out and replaced it. An amazing thing happened: the tone opened up big-time. I didn't use shielded cable like Gibson uses, I used solid core single strand wire. So I started thinking that all that extra capacitance in that shielded cable...
  10. el84ster

    New 345 questions

    Hi guys, I'd like to be filled in on the new 345s. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated since I can't try one where I live. How's the general quality of these? How big is the neck? Is that Nashville bridge a negative or not necessarily? Is the TP lightweight? Any other info would...
  11. el84ster

    Differences between PAF and modern PU

    I just got a set of 1961 PAF pickups for my R8. Man! So I've been through quite a lot of high-end boutique pickups and while most of them sound great and some sound incredibly great, nothing can match the PAFs. There's things that just con't come across in sound clips, things involving the...
  12. el84ster

    Differences between PAF and modern PU

    Sorry, double post.
  13. el84ster

    1978 Seth Lover interview

    This is pretty cool reading with lots of great inside info from the man himself. Among other things he said back in the day, PAFs cost Gibson about $5 a-piece to make...! Enjoy: http://www.provide.net/~cfh/seth.html
  14. el84ster

    Greatest deal on vintage p-t-p amp or...?

    Do any of you guys have any experience with Fender's Music Master Bass amp? These babys are dirt cheap right now on ebay (like $300) All tube vintage point-to-point 12w amp with a 12" speaker for this good a deal? What am I missing, are they crap? This seems too good to be true. Any...
  15. el84ster

    RS Fralin readings

    I've seen differing readings on the RS Fralins, I was just curious to see what you guys have. Mine measure 7.9 neck and 8.8 bridge. Not that I'm complaining, they sound great, but I thought they were supposed to be around 7.5/8.3 or so. And I've read that soem guys here have something...
  16. el84ster

    Wow, type of PU cover makes a difference!

    I just got a pair of the 1st RS Fralin pickups and thought they sounded great. In my messing around with them, I accidentally scratched the nickel on the cover a bit (I ordered a set with the shiney covers) and to my surprise I saw what looks like copper under the nickel plating. I was under...
  17. el84ster

    57 classic covers

    Anyone know what the '57 classic covers are made of? Are they nickel plated copper or brass or are they solid nickel? Thanks!
  18. el84ster

    RS Fralin vs. PAFs clips

    This is pretty interesting. Comparing a Heritage LP with RS Fralins and a real '58 burst with PAFs. Not too shabby! http://www.reinhardtamps.com/Soundclips.html
  19. el84ster

    Hum when rolling down volumes??

    Man, what is going on here? I just changed pots in my LP and everything sounds great, but when I roll down either volume I get some hum through the amp. It goes down as the volume is rolled down. I can't remember if my old pots did this. It's not super loud, but enough to be a bother...
  20. el84ster

    Hum when rolling down volume?

    Sorry, wrong place. Moved to the tech forum.