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  1. Otto 57

    Sad debate on canceling Lynyrd Skynyrd due to Confederate imagery.

    Unfortunately 2020 has come to such silliness: http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/3064923-lynyrd-skynyrd-racist.html I wish these people could have met our friend Ed King before spouting this nonsense.
  2. Otto 57

    F/S Late '55 tune-o-matic ('56) GT Terry Mueller conversion

    OK, backed into a financial corner now. A reasonable offer will get this GT.......was asking $21k, now I'm willing to be reasonable. I'm asking $21k. Original back and side finish, original serial number, top only refin. At some point in the past someone decided to add a strange type of...
  3. Otto 57


    http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=180325 This was his favorite section. RIP ANDREJA:2zone
  4. Otto 57

    NVGD...Thanks to Rev. Willie VK!!!!!!

    There comes a time when certain people deserve recognition for doing kind things. This is one of those times....:salude First let me say this. I have recently gotten a stunning 1955 T.O.M. Goldtop from Rev. Willie... that's a good enough story right there!!! But it gets far better. This...
  5. Otto 57

    '58 TV

    I finally got some decent pics of my '58 TV model. Since Frazetta fan asked me how it was going I decided to start a new thread instead of adding to the old one. I traded two strats for this guitar.Hope you all like the pics.:salude
  6. Otto 57

    PRS owned 54-56 GT question

    http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=163595 Here's the previous thread, I wasn't sure if I should restart this one or do a new one. I've been looking to get this GT. The facts: It has a factory wrap tail, '56 serial number, '56 pots, original solder,bumblebees, speed knobs (short...
  7. Otto 57

    Rossington 'Burst pics from R'nR' HOF

    I'm a new member here though I've been reading these pages for several years and have gained solid knowledge from all of you as well as much enjoyment. Here's my intro thread:http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=164051. I've been hoping that I'd have something useful to add on my...
  8. Otto 57

    Stolen:Heritage '80 Honeyburst Les Paul's hand traced on case top

    My beloved Heritage '80 honeyburst was stolen several years ago along with other guitars from my home in NY. I had the pleasure of knowing Les Paul through people in the music biz and one night had him trace the outline of his left hand on the top of my case. It has sentimental value to me...