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  1. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    Best news of the year Paul. I've set my alarm for 3pm on the 5th. Many times I've thought about you both when passing through South Manchester. Audrey and yourself are made of the right stuff, strong as they come. All my love and wishes to you both mate.
  2. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    I'll probably be driving through M20 tomorrow. I'll give you both a nod and a thought mate as always. (y)
  3. madformac

    new Gary Moore album -What year?

    That's a Gibson Custom Shop artist proof of collector's choice number 1 that Gary owned. It's not Peter Green's burst.
  4. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    I've not been on here for quite some time but something just compelled me to come here today and I saw your thread at the top of the page. There's not a lot to add to what others have said Paul, except Audrey has the strength of hardened steel and I know you will be walking hand in hand through...
  5. madformac

    Fleetwood Mac, Sweden 1970

    One of my favourite gigs from Peter Green. This wasn't too long before Peter left and I always enjoyed his later gigs with the added use of the wah pedal.
  6. madformac

    2 Bursts in Germany!?

    Morning/Afternoon/Evening all, Thought I would drop by the LPF as I have a few days off work, having read this thread I think I would have been been better off back in work! Having read all 416 posts so far it seems to me that which ever side of the fence people sit nobody seems to know if...
  7. madformac


    David, that's a beautiful guitar and a keeper. :salude Gibson Custom have once again upped their game with the aging on this one. Very tasteful and not over the top or over enthusiastic with the razor blade. Here's a picture of the old original behind me, taken at the Albert Hall back in...
  8. madformac


    Here you go David, thank you. Regards, Justin.
  9. madformac

    Mark Knopfler's 58 Burst. New footage on FB

    Mark has posted a teaser trailer video for his new album on his Facebook page and his '58 Burst is all over it. :dude: http://www.facebook.com/MarkKnopfler
  10. madformac

    NGD Early 2012 R9 Lemon

    New Guitar Day :dude: Early 2012 R9 in Lemon courtesy of our own landminelenny. This one is very "Greeny" which suits me just fine :) Took me all of 2 minutes from the text and pictures I got this morning to decide on it! Thank you Rich!
  11. madformac

    When did Gibson change the strap button screws?

    Only recently noticed Gibson changed the front strap button screw from the smaller one, to the larger one that is still on the tail strap button. Small change but interesting. Up until this year Gibson still used the 1 small, 1 big, screw set on the USA guitars from what I recall. I wonder if...
  12. madformac

    New cases on the 2014 Gibson USA Les Pauls?

    Has anybody got a 2014 Les Paul with the new case based on the tough brown tolex 1990's one? Seen a few pictures emerging online now and they look pretty tough, maybe more than the old black custom shop cases. Cheers :salude
  13. madformac

    Breaking News.. Black Burst attracts Burst Magnet

    Posted today by Rumbleseat, Our forum brother Mike H and the Black Burst. Awesome! Thanks guys :dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VkxaSH2lQ0
  14. madformac

    Mark Knopfler's '58 Burst video

    This has reappeared again but in HD on the tube. For those that haven't seen it. Knopfler's Guitar Stories. Mark's '58 Burst is shown from 21.40 into the programme. Nice to see some HD of this guitar, lovely subtle flame in the top. http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or4tn1CBGE4 Or...
  15. madformac

    Advice on '58 and '59 Juniors

    Hi guys, Looking at getting my first vintage Gibson and have been thinking about looking for a '58 or '59 double cut LP Junior. Do they have the same neck and fret differences as the Standards or are they very similar in specs? Thanks for any replies :peace2
  16. madformac

    2005 R9 pics.

    So got the new Samsung S4 phone and it has a 13 megapixel camera. Needed a test subject to photograph tonight and only one thing was in my head :jim So here are some shots of my 2005 R9. :peace2
  17. madformac

    New Gary Moore Les Paul announced.

    New Gary Moore Les Paul Standard announced by Gibson today.. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Gary-Moore-Les-Paul-Standard.aspx Funny that I was thinking about the original model just earlier today!
  18. madformac

    New Historic Custom Shop cases are an improvement

    Last week I ordered a 2013 Lifton style case from a supplier in Spain for 200 Euros. My 2005 R9 has the Lifton Reissue case and as authentic as it looks I'm not even happy leaving the guitar in the case at home. Every time I look at the padding and support (or lack of) it makes me nervous.. So...
  19. madformac

    2005 R9

    Hello and welcome. I've been reading the forums for years as a guest but recently felt the urge to get a Historic (all your pictures have convinced me!) So I got this 2005 R9 from a famous London guitar store as part of a consignment deal I have going on. All I can say is I should have done...