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  1. EpiLP1985

    Bill Lawrence 5-Way Switching for Humbucker Strat

    Due to my dissatisfaction with the Seymour Duncan wiring scheme I had in my humbucker strat (5-way with coil splitting), I decided to give the Bill Lawrence wiring a try: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/22967-mod-garage-the-bill-lawrence-5-way-telecaster-circuit I had to modify the...
  2. EpiLP1985

    Pickup and Control Circuit Modeler

    I’ve started to develop what I think is a pretty useful tool. It came about from the Koss/Greeny Output thread and I’m just starting a new thread here as it seems the most appropriate place to develop it. Here is what I have so far...
  3. EpiLP1985

    Proposed Wiring - 2 Vol./1 Tone with Single Dual Gang T&B Control

    I have been playing through a short scale Epiphone Express model LP since getting back into guitar after a long hiatus and I have been looking for an interesting wiring diagram to drop into it. I was looking for: 1.) An additional volume for use with a PG magnet flip (love that OOP tone) 2.)...
  4. EpiLP1985

    Guitar Fetish XGP Potentiometers

    I have recently, after a very long hiatus, gotten back into playing guitar. My 4 year old son has prompted it with his excitement over some of the music I love, especially Zeppelin, ZZ Top, ABB, Rory Gallagher, etc. He has really taken to that style of music and it's been very fun watching how...