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  1. wmachine

    Memphis Truss Rod Cover

    Has anyone ever seen a Memphis made guitar that originally came from Gibson with a truss rod cover that says "Memphis" on it?
  2. wmachine

    Gibson ES construction with figured maple

    I've never seen anything on this subject. I notice that with the 2019 ES models with figured wood, Gibson mentioned they are "veneer" https://youtu.be/3iO0l2u-wcA I also went to the Gibson site and see as far back as 2014 they mention "veneer" for the figured ES models. They are all spec'd with...
  3. wmachine

    1979 Gibson Explorer E2.....custom or customized......or both?

    1979 Gibson Explorer E2.....custom or customized......or both? now SOLVED? (Will split up into multiple posts due to size) I had posted about this Explorer I recently bought in the "Where are they now..." thread, but I'm starting a new thread here to see what we can find out about its origin...
  4. wmachine

    What is VOS and exactly what is done

    First of all, I realize that the process may have changed since they started it, so answers should be in the context of what year(s). Second, I can guess all day long too, so I'd like to stick to what what is known. I'm trying to find out what exactly is involved and can't find anything all...